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May 16, 2016

The Mediterranean Bowl

Mediterranean Bowl

Where Mex Meets Med.

Our latest creation pulls inspiration from the shores of southern Europe to bring you Mexican Re-imagined with a Mediterranean twist.

It starts out simple: we add your choice of grilled Mesquite chicken or farm-fresh veggies on a bed of romaine lettuce, pearl couscous, Israeli salad (made with cilantro and lime juice) and hummus.  From there, we throw on our creamy tzatziki, fresh-sliced avocado, and feta cheese, then top it with our signature California Screamin’ sauce and house-made tortilla crisp.

It’s unique, it’s delicious, and it’s available for a limited time only — try it at your favorite Cal Tort location today!

Nutritional Facts:

  • Calories: 724.72
  • Fat: 35 gm
  • Sodium: 1887 mg
  • Protein: 39 gm
  • Fiber: 9 gm
  • Sugar: 12 gm

Allergens:  Contains milk, soy, wheat and gluten. Remember, most of our menu items can be customized to best fit your dietary needs.

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  1. Calyce says:

    I am a regular customer in Newark, De. I really liked this new item a lot. As a person who eats a Plant Based diet I always find great items at Cal Tort. I just sub the chx for grilled veggies and omit the dairy and add some black beans and whah lah, a wonderfully healthy veggie lover meal with lots of protien! I hope this item stays. I also really liked the quiona burrito. Thanks so much!! Cece

  2. Dawn says:

    When will you have this at the location in Melbourne, FL? They didn’t have it today.

    1. lcissel says:

      Dawn, Since our Melbourne store opened when this Limited Time Offer was already launched they will unfortunatley not be offering it. We like to have our new stores focus on the core menu for the first few months. But don’t worry the next Limited Time Offer will promise to be just as delicious.

  3. anil says:

    this bowl is just too awesome, please make it permanent in the menu.

  4. Fahad says:

    Please add this item to your menu permanently.

  5. robert parker says:

    Would like to ‘sample’ this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Allison says:

    I eat at California Tortilla about once every 1-3 months since there is not one close by our house. This Mediterranean bowl is hands down the best item there. I crave it at least once a week and have tried to recreate it at home (to no avail). Please keep this item on the menu all the time!! It rocks!!

  7. Erin says:

    To be completely honest, I am usually pretty underwhelmed by Cal Tor’s bowls. The fish tacos are my go-to because they are consistent, whereas sometimes the bowls have lots of veggies and fillings, and others they are all lettuce. HOWEVER, this bowl is literally the best thing I have ever had from here! It is so tasty and filling. I had at least 1/4 of the bowl leftover and was extremely full. The mix of the screamin’ sauce and tzatziki sauce is so delicious, and the veggies were perfectly paired with the couscous, lettuce, and chicken. PLEASE keep this on the menu!!

  8. Lynith says:

    This bowl is the best item on your menu. I cannot get enough of it.

  9. Suzanne says:

    PLEASE add this item to the menu permanently! I have gotten several other people including myself hooked on this item.