California Tortilla

November 29, 2016

8 Holiday Party Tips & Tricks

Don't just throw the party, enjoy it.
  1. If the venue (…or living room) doesn’t provide a coat check, invest in a coat rack rental or ask around to see if someone has a wheeled wardrobe you can borrow. Keeping coats in one place will clear seating space and also free up guests’ hands for food and other items. Important, because the only thing better than having a taco in one hand is having a taco in both hands.
  1. California Tortilla - NachosWhen it comes to décor, swap streamers and tinsel for group-size bowls of hand-smashed guac and fresh-chopped salsa. Both options promise plenty of red and green, but only one is (technically) edible.
  1. Planning a thank-you speech, Yuletide toast or interpretive dance? Make sure to share before guests begin eating so the sound of clinking utensils doesn’t bury your warm wishes. Take it from us, delicious food is distracting — we’ve been working on this list since Valentine’s Day!
  1. Keep a box of cleaning supplies under the food table to avoid a frantic hunt for paper towels when Karen inevitably knocks over her eggnog. Hey, at least it wasn’t the queso!
  1. If your guest list includes hardcore vegans, die-hard carnivores and everyone in between, skip the subs (and subsequent side-eyes from picky eaters) and invest in a make-your-own catering option that all can enjoy.

img-fajitas (1)

  1. While we’re all about sizzling fajitas, sizzling hair, sleeves and evergreen branches don’t quite inspire the same delight. Eliminate fire hazards before guests arrive by moving candelabras, pyrotechnic displays and all other open flames to low-traffic areas.
  1. Place a gift basket by the desserts, and have guests enter to win it by dropping their business cards in an entry bowl. If it’s a corporate event, you’ll easily gather updated contact information from your current and potential clientele, and if it’s a private party, you’ll easily guarantee at least one guest will be happy they came! Looking for inspiration? Consider creating a hot sauce gift basket that includes a gift card and selections from our Wall of Flame — you’ll even score a free entrée for yourself in return!
  1. Consider this correlation: the more time Uncle Willie spends munching on chips and salsa, the less time he spends serenading your friends, coworkers and other extended family members with his off-key caroling. Make the responsible decision for your party’s attendees (and their ear drums) by enlisting the help of Cal Tort catering for your holiday party. After all, Willie’s vocal cords aren’t getting any younger, and Silent Night isn’t getting any shorter.

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