California Tortilla

How can something so wrong, feel so ripe?

We’ve been wondering the same thing, which is exactly why we decided to find out just how we can know if your avocados are perfect before we slice them. The secret? It’s simple: get rid of the pit.

RIPEPICTURE Not ready: Avocado will have a green look and feel hard to the touch, After the removing the exterior pit, the mark looks white or yellow.

 Too ripe: Avocado will have a very dark coloring, and you will be able to leave indents in its skin with your fingers. After removing the exterior pit, the mark will appear dark brown or black.

Just right: Avocado will feel soft but not completely malleable, and will be darkening from green to brown. After removing the exterior pit, the mark should still retain its gold or light brown appearance.

Now, take all those perfect avocados you found and go make yourself some Cal Tort guac!


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