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June 3, 2011

June 2011 Issue 191


And why am I telling you this, other than to depress you?  I’m telling you this because many of our customers have told us that because they’re able to customize their healthy Mexican food meals at Cal Tort, they’ve lost a lot of weight while eating here—and thus are bathing suit-ready. (The last time I was bathing suit-ready I was 6.)

And while doing things such as ordering their burrito in a bowl instead of a tortilla, asking for “light” cheese on their salad or holding the sour cream on their quesadilla are some of the ways our customers have been losing weight, I’ve come up with some helpful ways that you might not have even considered. Ready?


  • Instead of eating your burrito, put it in your pocket. (But you won’t lose weight until you take your pants off.)
  • Run around the block while eating your burrito.
  • Eat half your Cal Tort meal and then throw the rest at passersby. (This is straight from the monkey weight loss handbook.)
  • Pick your own lettuce for your Cal Tort salad—but don’t forget to get it approved by the FDA first.
  • Freeze your burrito and lick it until it’s gone. This is especially effective if you have an overweight tongue.
  • Instead of using your Burrito Bucks for food, use them for a tummy tuck. (You didn’t even know that was an option, did you?)

There you have it, folks – tried and true California Tortilla weight loss tips. If you have a Cal Tort weight loss story of your own, please let us know. And congratulations!

Speaking of Swimming

Check out our fabulous new Bangkok Shrimp Specials. They’re all amazingly tasty. Stop reading and try one. GO!

Meet Contest Winner…

Karen Garner!  That’s right – Karen entered our catering contest and won a California Tortilla catering party for 100 people. How did she do it? By writing us an incredibly sweet letter asking for a catered party not for herself, but for the Stepping Stones Homeless Shelter. Because while she’s not affiliated in any way with Stepping Stones, she wanted to win it “so that people less fortunate can reap the benefits of something nice.” Tell me that’s not a giving person.

So congratulations to Karen for being so caring, to Stepping Stones for being such a great organization, and to Karen’s parents for raising such a good kid. (For all I know Karen’s 97.) We’re thrilled we can help out, Karen.


Don’t forget! If you make a creative catering order for $200 or more through the Cal Tort catering hot line and say the secret password “relax,” you’ll get a FREE hour massage from Massage Envy.

To place your massage-receiving catering order, just call 1-855-225-8768. (1-855-CALTORT).

To find one of 24 Baltimore/Washington area Massage Envy locations near you, click here.

On that relaxing note, have a festive Father’s Day!

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