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Flavor Rules

If it’s not made from scratch, scratch it.

We make over 25 hand-crafted recipes from scratch, every day.

Carefully choose the finest avocados, then smash them.

Our guacamole is hand-smashed every hour, on the hour, using only perfectly ripened Hass avocados.

Cooking small batches makes a big difference.

Our food is made fresh in small batches. All day, every day. No cans, no bags, no compromise.

Fresh tomatoes are the difference between ripe and wrong.

We make fresh salsa morning, noon and night from farm-fresh Roma tomatoes.

Make fresh Sunset Sauce every sunrise.

Each of our signature sauces is made fresh daily. And you can taste it.

Make it daily or not at all.

Cooking in advance means giving up on flavor. So we don’t do it.

Chop it today or throw it away.

We start with whole, fresh veggies, crisp heads of lettuce and chop them daily for your meal.

Preservatives and additives aren’t ingredients.

We avoid them whenever possible, because food tastes better without them.

If it’s served here, it’s grilled here.

Our chicken and steak are fresh-grilled, by hand, for maximum flavor and freshness.

Give freezers the cold shoulder.

The only thing we ever freeze is the ice in your drink.

Make it bold, not same old.

We cook the flavors you love with new ideas and delicious twists.

The Flavor Rules demand freshness.

They’re about quality and excitement. We obey them and you can taste them, in everything we make.