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June 1, 2012

June Taco Talk Issue 203


For those of you Burrito Elito members who love our Wall of Flame, we’re doing an awesome hot sauce giveaway from June 18th – June 24th. All you have to do is use your registered Burrito Elito card in store during that time and you’ll have a chance to win a bottle of our very own California Screamin’*. Don’t have a Burrito Elito card? Just ask your cashier for one. They’re free and they’re fabulous.

Plus we’ll feature a “Hot Sauce of the Day” on Facebook and Twitter. Customers who take a picture of the featured hot sauce of the day and send it to will be entered to win their very own WALL of FLAME—all 75 hot sauces. Hot dog! (Has anyone noticed I’ve stopped using “Yee-ha!”? I’m trying out new words to convey my excitement. Feel free to weigh in.)

So make sure to bring your registered Burrito Elito card to the Tort June 18-24.You could be a winner!


After almost 17 years of extensive research (staring at you), we’ve successfully compiled a complete psychological profile of our customers just by observing which hot sauce they use.

So for those of you who are new to Cal Tort, here’s what you’re telling the world about yourself every time you reach for your favorite bottle of hot stuff:

Cholula: You’re fun loving and peppy. You routinely get lost in IKEA and you had several hamsters die in your care as a child.

Jamaican Hell Fire: You’re an eternal optimist and you eat more snow peas per capita than all the other hot sauce eaters combined. You sometimes wear a neck brace to parties.

California Screamin’: You have unusually long arms and you fear the day your children learn there aren’t hidden cameras all over your house. You think whichever way you’re facing is north. (I’ve just described myself.)

The “Ass” line of hot sauces: You have a closetful of cartoon ties and you actually like receiving business cards. If someone from another country doesn’t understand what you’re saying, you just say it louder. (Because that’s so helpful.)

Melindas Mango Hot Sauce: You’re kind to the less fortunate and a fan of Fluffernutters. You sometimes yell “BINGO!” when you don’t really have it.

So be careful when you reach for that hot sauce — you never know who’s watching.


As many of you may remember, a few months ago we asked you to tell us about a local person who you find particularly remarkable or inspiring. Well, it turns out that there are A LOT of remarkable and inspiring people in our community. And as hard as it was to narrow down, we’ve finally come up with a winner: James Goodman. I could tell you about him, but I think the essay that best selling author (and California Tortilla lover) Brad Meltzer wrote, will tell you everything you need to know:

James Goodman

Firefighter. President.

In November of 2010, no one wanted to run for president of the fire company.

As a young man with a wife and two kids, James didn’t either. He knew it would take time away from his family. But the community needed a leader.

So James put his name in the ring and prayed his wife would understand.

Of course she did, supporting him throughout.

But on July 15, 2011, James’s beloved wife passed away.

Now James had to raise his five- and eight-year old by himself.

Fellow officers in his fire company told James he could take off as much time as he needed.

They even told him he could resign as president.

Instead, James came back in September.

And never stopped working for his family. Or his community.

And yes, he ran for a second term as president.

Which he won.

Because James knows the same thing his community knows:

Even with the hardest of setbacks, real leaders never stop moving forward.

See – didn’t he say it better than I could?

We can’t think of a more deserving winner for our local hero award. We hope you enjoy your Cal Tort-catered party for 50. And congratulations to all the other local heroes – to say that we were overwhelmed by your heartwarming stories is an understatement.

On that note, we hope all you hero fathers out there have a wonderful Father’s Day…


If you haven’t tried our new Caribbean Mango Burrito or Caribbean Mango Salad, you’ve got to try them. They’re SO delicious.

Caribbean Mango Burrito: Mexican Rice, Black Beans, Blackened Chicken, Caribbean, Mango Sauce, Mango Salsa and Crisp Romaine Lettuce. Small: $6.49 Regular/Bowl: $7.29

Caribbean Mango Salad: Fresh Salad Mix, Blackened Chicken, Mango Salsa, Hass Avocado Slices, Crunchy Tortilla Strips, Juicy Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Cilantro and Caribbean Mango Sauce. $7.99


Every Tuesday through Labor Day, California Tortilla will be hosting TICKET TUESDAYS! We will be giving away tickets to shows at Merriweather Post Pavillion, the 9:30 Club and other great venues. All you have to do is be a fan of Caltort on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check each Tuesday for the Caltort Trivia Question, email the correct answer and you are entered to win! To see what shows will be around this summer visit or

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