California Tortilla

October Taco Talk Issue 207


On Friday, October 26th California Tortilla is again partnering with the Discovery Channel (because we love them) for the Season 3 premiere of Gold Rush. Just say “Cal Tort Queso is GOLDEN” to the cashier when you make a purchase and he or she will give you California Tortilla’s liquid gold: Our own velvety queso and a bag of crispy chips. PLUS you’ll get a Gold Rush miner’s hat. C’mon—tell me that’s not a great promotion! So stop by on October 26th for a free chips and queso and a free miner’s hat with any purchase. Is there a better combination? (I’m wearing my miner’s hat as we speak. A piano just fell on my head and I felt nothing. Gold Rush Premieres Friday, October 26th at 9PM. For more info, click here.


The presidential race is heating up and so are our Presidential Burrito Bowls! (Look – a kitchen metaphor.) The Obama Bowl is beating the Romney Bowl by a scant six percentage points: 53% to 47%. Media outlets such as Forbes, NPR and H2, to name just a few, are following the results of our Presidential Burrito Bowls contest closely—because they know whichever way the Burrito Bowl goes, so goes the nation. So if you haven’t gotten a chance to cast a vote for your guy, there’s still time to order his Burrito Bowl. But order one before it’s too late – the fate of the nation is riding on your shoulders.


We know that the presidential race is all about change (and whose kids are cuter), so going with that theme, I thought I’d share with you a raging controversy that’s been going on since the beginning of time: how to give change back. Bills first or coins first? Without taking sides, I would like to offer two different, completely unbiased scenarios based on my extensive cashiering experience.   I hope these scenarios will help you formulate your own opinion on this controversy (bills first vs. coins first, not the wisdom of me cashiering):   Scenario 1: Cashier to customer: “Your change is $3.68. That’s one-two-three dollars and sixty eight cents. Please look at the 68 cents as it may be the last time you see it before it slides off those crisp ones and hits the floor never to be seen again.” Scenario 2:Cashier to customer: “Your change is $3.68. That’s 68 cents that I’ll securely place in your open, non-slippery palm and one-two-three dollars, which I will put on top of the 68 cents, thereby further securing the change and allowing you to grasp it without worry. By the way, if you want to see the 68 cents again, it’s right where I put it.”   Change first or bills first? You be the judge.


If all goes as planned (it could happen), 3 new California Tortillas will open this month:   Bethesda Cal Tort Crystal City Cal Tort Reagan (spelled correctly this time) Building Cal Tort   So please stop on by and celebrate our fabulous new restaurants with us!