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Bill Says:

I ran into the original Cal Tort in Bethesda years ago when I was attending construction meetings fo

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

lcissel Says:

In 1995 Burritos were $2 less!

On 20th Annibirthery!

Patricia Ruch Says:


On 20th Annibirthery!

Matthew Says:

When the rainy day password for free chips and queso was Smoogy. We had to write it on a piece of p

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Bertina Says:

Happy Anniversary California Tortilla! Keep up the good work! Love your food!

On 20th Annibirthery!

Martina Lemmerhofer Says:

Happy Annibirthery! Time flies when one is having fun. Eating at CT from the beginning and one of

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

China Bay Says:

I've been going to California Tortilla since I was 15 and worked at the guitar store one block away

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Jeanette McVeigh Says:

I just wish I knew about California Tortilla 20 years ago... I love love love the fish tacos and my

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

richard Says:

ah, the kabob burrito - definitely my best memory that hasn't happened yet. i do miss the pens on

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Ed Meiman Says:

I was out of work and scrounging change to pay rent. I got my email for my birthday burrito and had

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Naomi Says:

My favorite Cal Tort memory was sitting with my 3 kids, watching the macho high school dude declare

On Taco Talk: Issue 241



On 20th Annibirthery!

Louise Says:

My son and I have been coming to your Olney location since it opened. I love the Honey Lime burrito

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Elise Browne Hughes Says:

One of my favorite memories is winning tickets to the Barenaked Ladies concert at Merriweather a cou

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Karen Says:

I was a regular at your then new Cabin John location when I worked nearby. My co-workers and I loved

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Peter Says:

Wait! We talk about that guy all the time! Which CT does he work at? He's still around?! I figured h

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Stacy Says:

Last meal I ate before I went into labor with my first son. and, first meal I ate after giving bir

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Rob S Says:

I fell in love with CT in College Park, MD; years later my wife and kids are huge fans & we go a

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

ericq Says:

Happy happy annibirthary! We love california tortilla gaithetsburg! Its like a second home!

On 20th Annibirthery!

Rachel Says:

How much did burritos cost in 1995?

On 20th Annibirthery!

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