California Tortilla

The  Food  You  Eat  Matters  To  Us

At California Tortilla, we have been fanatical about fresh for 20 years. How fanatical?

  • We make over 25 hand-crafted recipes from scratch every day.
  • Our guacamole is hand-smashed every hour, on the hour, using only perfectly ripened Hass avocadoes.
  • Our salsa is made morning, noon and night from farm-fresh Roma tomatoes.
  • We use only all-natural, white meat chicken breasts and our sirloin is Grade A —sourced from humanely raised, grass-fed cows.
  • And because our produce is sourced locally, we receive the best and freshest vegetables to our doors every morning.

We could take the easy route and just open a bunch of cans and bags in the morning. Instead, we make small batches all day, every day, because the food you eat matters to us.

It’s not a complicated philosophy. It’s not complicated in practice, either. Fresh just tastes better.