California Tortilla


  • 8/17

    Bangkok Shrimp is BACK

    Bangkok Shrimp are back! The Thai sweet chili sauce you’ve been craving is here. Get these spicy, sweet shrimp in tacos, a bowl or a quesadilla. But don’t wait, Bangkok Shrimp will only be available for a limited time.

  • 7/30

    Taco Talk: Issue 241

    On August 4th California Tortilla will be 20 years old! We’ve got a week full of great promotions and we hope that you’ll celebrate with us. Plus, check out the highlights from the past 20 years!

  • 7/30

    20th Annibirthery!

    In 1995, goes live and the first X games takes place, but most importantly, that August a restaurant that would change expectations of what a “quick bite” could be was born. The restaurant was California Tortilla. Join us as we celebrate 20 years!

  • 7/16

    Free Mango Salsa!

    For one day only, July 22nd, enjoy Free Chips and Mango Salsa at California Tortilla!

  • 6/30

    Taco Talk: Issue 240

    We won, so you win! Enjoy Free Chips and Mango Salsa on July 22nd! Plus, we are turning 20 in August and want to share some of our best with you. Read on….

  • 5/29

    Avocado Month

    June is National Avocado Month and we have two delicious promotions you won’t want to miss! Learn More.

  • 5/26

    Get Chip-Faced!

    This Tuesday, May 27th, we want you to get Chip-Faced with us! What does this mean? Enjoy Free Chips and Queso with any purchase of tacos, burritos, taco salads, burrito bowls, fajitas, quesadillas or other delicious Mexican food favorites.   *Offer valid on May 27th only, while supplies last. One order per person, purchase required.


Recent Comments

lcissel Says:

Scott, We sent an email back to you on the 24th, please email your card number so we can look into

On National Taco Day!

Bonnie Says:

I love me some TACOS!

On National Taco Day!

Belinda Says:

Is very good

On National Taco Day!

Scott Weiner Says:

Still waiting for a return email about your app that I sent a week ago.

On National Taco Day!

Kendall Hall Says:


On Taco Talk: Issue 242

Rosalind Says:

Please bring these back! I can't even get a corn tortilla. In my opinion a taco on a flour torti

On Street Tacos are BACK!

Dave Says:

This should be a permanent meal!! I love the quesadillas!!!!!! Please consider keeping this on all

On Bangkok Shrimp is BACK

Linda Brooks Says:

Thanks for bringing it back!!!

On Bangkok Shrimp is BACK

Bill Says:

I ran into the original Cal Tort in Bethesda years ago when I was attending construction meetings fo

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

lcissel Says:

In 1995 Burritos were $2 less!

On 20th Annibirthery!

Patricia Ruch Says:


On 20th Annibirthery!

Matthew Says:

When the rainy day password for free chips and queso was Smoogy. We had to write it on a piece of p

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Bertina Says:

Happy Anniversary California Tortilla! Keep up the good work! Love your food!

On 20th Annibirthery!

Martina Lemmerhofer Says:

Happy Annibirthery! Time flies when one is having fun. Eating at CT from the beginning and one of

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

China Bay Says:

I've been going to California Tortilla since I was 15 and worked at the guitar store one block away

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Jeanette McVeigh Says:

I just wish I knew about California Tortilla 20 years ago... I love love love the fish tacos and my

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

richard Says:

ah, the kabob burrito - definitely my best memory that hasn't happened yet. i do miss the pens on

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Ed Meiman Says:

I was out of work and scrounging change to pay rent. I got my email for my birthday burrito and had

On Taco Talk: Issue 241

Naomi Says:

My favorite Cal Tort memory was sitting with my 3 kids, watching the macho high school dude declare

On Taco Talk: Issue 241



On 20th Annibirthery!

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