California Tortilla


  • 11/6

    Veteran’s Day

    This Veteran’s day, all active and retired military will enjoy a Free Taco as our way of saying thank you!

  • 11/4

    Taco Talk Issue 244

    This month’s Taco Talk has news on a VERY big promotion we’ve got going on and all the other exciting short and sweet November scoop. Read more.

  • 11/2

    Pop-Tart® Day!

    Enjoy a FREE POP-TART(r) with any purchase this Wednesday Nov. 4th!

  • 9/1

    Taco Talk: Issue 242

    This month at Cal Tort….

  • 8/17

    Bangkok Shrimp is BACK

    Bangkok Shrimp are back! The Thai sweet chili sauce you’ve been craving is here. Get these spicy, sweet shrimp in tacos, a bowl or a quesadilla. But don’t wait, Bangkok Shrimp will only be available for a limited time.

  • 7/30

    Taco Talk: Issue 241

    On August 4th California Tortilla will be 20 years old! We’ve got a week full of great promotions and we hope that you’ll celebrate with us. Plus, check out the highlights from the past 20 years!

  • 7/30

    20th Annibirthery!

    In 1995, goes live and the first X games takes place, but most importantly, that August a restaurant that would change expectations of what a “quick bite” could be was born. The restaurant was California Tortilla. Join us as we celebrate 20 years!


Recent Comments

Karole Says:

OMG, the tacos are amazing. Please keep them on your menu.

On Bangkok Shrimp is BACK

Vince Hicks Says:

YES,a FREE delicious taco. See, that's what I'm talking about!

On Veteran’s Day

Rick Myers Says:

Thank you for honoring us, the U.S.A. Military

On Veteran’s Day

Christina Says:

We had lunch there today and each got a pop tart.

On Pop-Tart® Day!

jacklyn Robinson Says:

I love pop tarts

On Pop-Tart® Day!

lcissel Says:

Oh no! What store did you visit?

On Taco Talk Issue 244

Carrie Says:

Booooo. Just got back to the office and realized we didn't get our pop tarts :( Oh well. The Queso

On Taco Talk Issue 244

Kathy Says:

Very different but very good combination

On Pop-Tart® Day!

April Cobb Says:

My new favorite!!! Amazing!!!!

On Bangkok Shrimp is BACK

Jack Says:

Yum yum

On No Trick, All Treat

Brittany Says:

Yum! :)

On No Trick, All Treat

Clint Rose Says:

Free Chips and Queso - WAHOOO!!!

On No Trick, All Treat

Rob Salisbury Says:

I like chips!

On No Trick, All Treat

Donna BUhrts Says:

Thanks!! And its my birthday!!

On No Trick, All Treat

Shak Smith Says:

The Chili is killer!

On No Trick, All Treat

Sammie Williams Says:

I love chips and queso

On No Trick, All Treat

tiffany pollitt Says:


On No Trick, All Treat

Bonnie Says:


On No Trick, All Treat

Claudia Says:


On No Trick, All Treat

Lee Oberto Says:

Oh do I miss you guys at IAD...

On Taco Talk Issue 243

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