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If you haven’t guessed by the subject line, almost all the Cal Torts in the land have rolled out our new menu. And if you thought our food was darn tasty before, just WAIT until you try our new items.
So with that said, here’s the scoop on everything you want to know about the new menu:

What’s New

Nachos: They’re made with queso and they can be topped with anything. SO good.
Pork carnitas: Anything can be made with carnitas and we’ve also got a Carnitas Verde Burrito. (Very similar to the McCain Burrito, except with pork. And not smothered. And without a teeny sticker of McCain’s head.)
No-Meato Burrito: It’s vegan and it’s darn delicious. And seriously, how great is that name? One of our regular customers came up with it. See below.
California Screamin’ Burrito: It’s permanent. Yay.
Smother it! You can smother your burrito with queso or Enchilada sauce for an additional charge.
3 New Bowls: Mixed Grill Bowl, Sunset Chicken & Veggie Bowl and the Enchilada Bowl.
Taco Combos: You can now get 2 tacos, a drink and either rice and beans or chips and queso (or salsa) for a set price.

What’s Changing

Guacamole (or “guac” as people in the know call it): We’ve changed the recipe on our guac and I LOVE it. You have to try it, I’m telling you. It’s fabulous.
Veggie Burrito: It no longer has guac in it–but the No-Meato Burrito does.
Fajita Burrito: It can be made with chicken or steak (60 cents extra) and instead of lettuce, it’s got guac. (There’s a lot happening with the guac around here.)
Southwest Salad: You now tell the spunky cashier what topping you want on your salad. Steak? Chicken? Carnitas? Beans? Taco Beef? Blackened Chicken? We have the technology.
Taco salad: Same options as above, except it now comes in a crunchy tortilla bowl. Yee-ha!
Chili: It now comes topped with crunchy tortilla strips and you have the option to add sour cream and cheese. Who doesn’t like sour cream and cheese?

What Didn’t Make the Cut – only because we didn’t sell very many.

(Please don’t yell at me. I’m just the messenger.)

• Thai Burrito
• Caribbean Jerk Burrito
• Low-Fat Caribbean Bowl

Word of note: If you don’t see something on the menu anymore but it’s not part of the above list (such as the Crunchy BBQ Ranch Salad), we’ll still be happy to make it for you since we still have the ingredients on hand.
So that’s the scoop on the menu. If you have any questions, please ask away. (And don’t forget, I’m just the good natured messenger.) If you’d like to get a peek at the full menu, please click here. And by all means, let me know what you think.
And finally, thank you to all of our Facebook and Twitter followers who were invaluable in helping this menu take shape!


Because we couldn’t come up with a good name for our new vegan burrito (and seriously, I won’t even tell you what the original name was because it was so bad), we decided to ask our Facebook and Twitter followers if they had any ideas. And while we got a lot of great ideas, diehard Cal Tort fan Dennis Tavares came up with our favorite, the aforementioned No-Meato Burrito.
So I caught up with Dennis (he runs really fast) and asked him a few questions. Ready?
Pam: So Dennis, how did you come up with the name No-Meato Burrito?
Dennis: Well, it’s a burrito with no meat. You do the math. (I appreciate that he resisted the urge to call me “Stupid” outright.)
Pam: How many times would you say you’ve been to California Tortilla?
Dennis: A whole messatimes I tell you…A whole messatimes!! (Dennis says enthusiastically in his secret language.)
Pam: How do you plan to spend your Cal Tort prize money?
Dennis: Covering national healthcare for all of us. (Apparently no one told him there is no prize money. But I like that he’s willing to share.)
Pam: Who do you think will win American Idol?
Dennis: The “pants on the ground” guy. I don’t care who you are–that stuff is funny! (Which do you think he’s going to be more upset about–that there’s no prize money or that the 97 year old pants on the ground guy never got past the first round?)

Seriously, Dennis is a great guy and I can’t think of a better person to have name one of our burritos (just look how spunky he is). Congratulations Dennis!


On that note, we can’t wait for you to check out the new menu.