Over the years some of you have expressed a concern that you might be becoming addicted to our food, but you’re just not sure: is it an experimental phase or is it time to seek help? Well, let’s find out! Just take this helpful little test I’ve devised and in just moments from now you’ll know. Ready?


• Had your mother Fedex you a burrito anywhere.

• Saved old Taco Talks just in case they’re worth something some day. (My tragic and untimely death would help this considerably.)

• Written us a postcard from Mexico complaining about the food. (Or actually, just written us a postcard in general.)

• Argued with your spouse over who gets the Burrito Elito points.

• Cried because we weren’t open.

• Planned your vacation around Pop Tart Day. (Which I think is very normal behavior, by the way.)

• Asked if we were open on Thanksgiving.

• Considered applying as a spunky anything.

If you answered yes to any of these questions (and trust me, these are all true life examples), you’re a bona fide California Tortilla junkie. Congratulations!


That’s right—because you have to pay big cheese on Tax Day, we’re giving you free chips and cheese that day. Just make a purchase at any Cal Tort on Monday, April 18th and we’ll give you FREE Chips and Queso. (“Queso” is cheese in Spanish. Get it?) And if you’re not a cheese fan (how is that even possible?), we’ll be happy to give you Chips and Salsa instead

So come on in on the 18th and enjoy some free chips and cheese on us—it’s our little tax day present to you.

*This year Tax Day is April 18. I swear. (Can you imagine how much trouble I’d get in with our lawyer if it weren’t?)


Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner (May 5th for those of you playing along at home) and Cinco De Mayo 2010 was the biggest day in California Tortilla’s history! To celebrate (a year later) we’re rewarding one loyal fan with a FREE Cal Tort Mexican catering party for up to 100 people. If you’re the winner, we’ll provide food for any event you like — wedding, graduation, a really fabulous party on May 5th , etc

All you have to do is tell us between now and April 14th how you’ll use all of the tasty California Tortilla Mexican food. Make a video, sing a song, write a poem, compose an essay, put on a class play, build a diorama (says the elementary school diorama queen) — tell us any way you want. Just tell us the best way you know how. The winning submission will win a free Cal Tort catering party for up to 100 people. Submit your entry to or send it to: Cal Tort World HQ, 20 Courthouse Sq. Ste. 206, Rockville, MD 20852 between now and April 14th. Then from April 15th through April 30th we’ll have the public vote and pick the lucky winner.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. I think.

*Not feeling creative but you’d still like us to cater your next party? Call our catering number and get all the scoop. And look, I just happen to have the number on me: 1-855-225-8678 (I-855-CALTORT)


April is the last month of the Korean BBQ Steak Tacos! You’ve got to try them. They’re SO good. (And can I say that if you haven’t tried them I’m a little upset you haven’t been listening to me?) Leave the office now and go get one. I don’t care what time it is. GO!

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