Questions! Questions! Questions!

We get lots of questions here at the Cal Tort HQ, and I’d like to answer just a few of the more pressing ones we’ve gotten lately. Ready?

Q. Every time I order, my co-worker whips out her Burrito Elito card before I can find mine and then she ends up getting the points for my meal. What can I do?

A. The next time she does this and the spunky cashier says, “You have $5 in Burrito Bucks on your card, would you like to use it?” Say yes. That’ll put an end to that.

Q. Why don’t women seem to care what the heat ranking of their hot sauce is?

A. Because they’re normal.

Q. What is the single biggest complaint you get from customers?

A. That I insinuate half of them aren’t normal.

Q. What is the most difficult part of being a queen?

A. Getting the other queens to return my calls. I’ve been trying to arrange a happy hour forever.

Q. I LOVE the new Caribbean Mango Salad! What makes me crave it so?

A. It’s made with the really fresh, really flavorful ingredients. (That’s it. I just wanted to nonchalantly work in how much I love the new salad. I eat it every day. EVERY DAY.)

Have a burning question? Email me at I love to hear myself talk.

Speaking of our fabulous limited time offer…

Caribbean Mango Burrito: Mexican Rice, Black Beans, Blackened Chicken, Caribbean, Mango Sauce, Mango Salsa and Crisp Romaine Lettuce. Small: $6.49 Regular/Bowl: $7.29

Caribbean Mango Salad: Fresh Salad Mix, Blackened Chicken, Mango Salsa, Hass Avocado Slices, Crunchy Tortilla Strips, Juicy Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Cilantro and Caribbean Mango Sauce. $7.99

Reward a Hero, and yourself!

Do you have a community hero-someone who’s helping others but whose good deeds fly under the radar? Tell us in a few sentences what makes him or her so special and if we choose your hero, you’ll BOTH win big:

What your hero will win:

A free Cal Tort catering party for 50 people. PLUS, best selling authro and huge California Tortilla Fan, Brad Meltzer, will write an essay about your hero that will be included in the next Taco Talk. 150,000 people will soon know all about your hero. (Yes, every time I make a typo, I do it in front of 150,000 people.)

What you’ll win:

A free Cal Tort catering party for 50 people!


How to Make a Nomination:

Simply email by April 22nd and tell us in a few sentences what makes your hero the best hero in all the land.

On that note, we hope you’ll check out  the book that inspired this promotion: Brad Meltzer’s Heroes for My Daughter. It’s a collection of the stories of 55 remarkable people that’s meant to guide daughters on their journey to adulthood (thus ensuring that I’m not one of the 55). The book comes out April 10th and I’m sure you’ll love it. Brad’s a great writer and a really nice guy to boot.

Now go find that hero.


Cinco de Mayo’s right around the corner! (Guess when?) Make sure to order early. If you order by April 22nd you will receive $1 off per person for every order of 20 people or more. Woo-hoo!

Have you catered with California Tortilla before? We offer burrito, fajita and taco parties for any size group. Plus it’s so easy! We’ll provide plates, napkins, utensils, and a bottle of our house Hot Sauce, California Screamin’.

Just call 1-855-CALTORT to place your order and watch the magic begin.

*All orders must be placed via 855-CALTORT. Offer valid for all orders placed between April 1 – April 22 and fulfilled by May 7.