This Just In!

(Kind of.)

Did you know that California Tortilla shares a birthday with President Obama? That’s right-the first Cal Tort opened in Bethesda on August 4, 1995 and President Obama’s birthday is August 4th. Coincidence? (Yes. That’s what a coincidence is.) And while odds are that President Obama won’t be celebrating his birthday a month and a half later on September 23rd like we will be, I’m thinking that he will be running around yelling, “Yee-ha!” a lot. It just seems so him, doesn’t it?

With that said, we’re thrilled to be sharing our birthday with the president and if he comes into any California Tortilla on the 4th-because he has no other plans-we’ll give him free chips and queso AND a free burrito, which he can pretend is a hamburger since he seems to be partial to those. Seriously, what are all those hamburger places doing to get him to come visit? (I’m guessing not pestering him to come visit.)

On the off-chance you don’t come in on the 4th, President Obama (do you like how I act like he reads Taco Talk?), we hope you have a fabulous birthday. And if you just happen to make an appearance here one day, we promise we won’t act like you’re even here. We’ll just spend a lot of time in the dining room shining the plastic utensils.

Annual Summer Safety Tip

If you’re caught in lightning storm,
immediately unwrap your burrito and lie in a ditch.


You didn’t even know we were working on a new website, did you? We’re very sneaky over here. Anyway, it’s very exciting and I think you should click on the logo below and take a look at it  immediately. (FYI: This will not work if you’re reading the paper version of Taco Talk in the store. Or anywhere else for that matter.)
You have no idea how much I love the new website; it’s spunky, it’s colorful and it took me oh-so-long to do, so I would like to hear oohs and ahhs out of you.  (Is that too much to ask? )  But the big question is, will it have any typos? Of course! Would you expect any less from me?  So if you see any, please let me know. I count on you for your typo-finding abilities.

Thanks very much to Mike at Tilt who designed the site and thank you for your patience-even if you didn’t realize you were waiting for anything. It’s just nice to be appreciated.


We’d LOVE it if you sent us pictures for our website. It could be of you, your kids, your pets, your friends, your parole officer–anyone at all, as long as they’re showing their best Cal Tort spirit. (Which basically means eating at Cal Tort and looking like they like it.)

Or you can  take a picture of one of our store fronts with or without a smiling you in the picture. Just make sure the picture has our sign with a logo on it. (Guess who’s too lazy to go out to every store and take a picture for the Locations page?)
But we’re not asking you to do this for free. No siree. If we post your picture to our website, which will remain there for an indefinite amount of time, we’ll give you a free burrito. Yee-ha! But hurry !  This offer ends August 31st. So get out your cameras and start clicking. Says the lazy woman.

Please email pictures to me at


I just wanted to let you know that I sold my house to a Burrito Elito member. (In this scenario I’m the Burrito Elito member who a good thing happened to.) So congratulations secret Burrito Elito member whose name I won’t divulge-you’re going to love it!


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