Believe it or not, on Wednesday, August 18th, we’re celebrating our 16th annual Pop Tart Day. It’s my absolute favorite promotion that we do and if all goes as planned we’ll be giving away close to 20,000 Pop Tarts that day. (If all doesn’t go as planned we’ll be giving away 20,000 sausages.)

And as you all know, because you hang on my every word, there’s only one rule: You have to eat, and enjoy, the Pop Tart flavor you’re given—no licking it and then giving it back.

But that’s not all! Like last year, we’ve upped the Pop Tart Day ante. One very lucky customer from each California Tortilla will find a golden ticket in his or her Pop Tart pouch. The golden ticket will entitle the aforementioned lucky customer to a FREE BURRITOS EVERY WEEK FOR A YEAR! Seriously, how much fun is that? And I swear, if you find it and you’re not really excited about it, we’re going to take it back. We have the technology.

See you on the 18th.

Unaware of their imminent demise, the Pop Tart family enjoys their last vacation.


It’s recently come to our attention that many of you think that California Tortilla is a national chain that started in California (where you got that idea I have no idea). But it’s not true! We’re a small chain that’s based in Rockville, MD. So to set the record straight, I’ve come up with a helpful list that outlines how you know that California Tortilla is your friendly neighborhood Mexican restaurant pal and not some big corporate conglomerate. Ready?


  • Up until about a year ago all of our signs were printed on butcher paper.
  • The Cal Tort World HQ takes breaks to go outside and do the Hokey Pokey. I’m not kidding. (I find that some of us are much more enthusiastic hokey pokiers than others.)
  • Every Cal Tort owner lives in the community and works in his or her restaurant.
  • Every Cal Tort employee wishes this weren’t the case.
  • We have no motto. Big corporate conglomerates have a motto. (One of our competitor’s mottos is “Food with integrity.” I’m not even sure what that means–is there food out there that lies a lot?)
  • Big corporate conglomerates do not have a Good Bob Bad Bob sign on their soda machine.*
  • I make all our tortillas myself. (Cal Tort President Bob, or “fighter of fun” as we like to call him, wants me to make it clear that this is a joke. Because otherwise you would think that I made 4.8 million tortillas by myself last year.)

See–you learn something new every day.

*Good Bob Bad Bob is actually my college housemate. I once introduced him to Paula Poundstone and she asked where we met. When I told her in college she said, “Really? You don’t seem that smart.” How funny is that?


It’s true! The Barenaked Ladies (4 guys, all clothed, with such hits as One Week, Brian Wilson, Pinch Me, and It’s All Been Done) is playing at Merriweather Post on Sunday, August 8th and if you’re a friend of Cal Tort (your friendly neighborhood Mexican restaurant), you’ll get 1 free pavilion ticket with every ticket you purchase. Plus, you’ll be entered to win passes to an exclusive sound check party. (If you win, please let me know what happens at a sound check party. I’m very curious.)

To purchase tickets, click here and input the promo code “caltort.” Have fun…


We need your help! Please tell us which of the t-shirt designs below you like. I won’t go into any detail, but if I were you I’d take this assignment very seriously–you may be wearing one of them sometime in the very near future. She says cryptically.

Just click here and tell us which design you like. It will take 2 seconds. I promise(All designs will be on the back of the shirt. Except for #5 which will be have the Caltort logo on the front and the black and white design on the back.)