In celebration of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, California Tortilla is giving a FREE Discovery Channel Shark Fin Hat to anyone who purchases a fabulous fish taco next Wednesday, August 8th. These are the world’s single greatest hats–I’m wearing one as we speak. (No matter when you read this I’ll have my hat on.) This is a HUGELY popular promotion, so make sure you get here before supplies run out. Because let me tell you, people love their shark fin hats. I know of what I speak. See you here…

Also in celebration of Shark Week, be a part of the ChompiePic Photo Contest on Twitter: People who follow @DiscoveryComm, take a photo of Chompie, the giant “shark” surrounding the Discovery Communications building and Tweet it using the #ChompiePic hashtag to be entered to win burrito packs.

In addition, your business can also win a free lunch via twitter. Chompie’s little brother, Chompie, Jr., and California Tortilla’s new mascot, The Guaca Mole will be making surprise attacks around the greater Washington region, bringing California Tortilla catering parties with them. To enter an office, people can Tweet @DiscoveryComm with their location and that they want a #ChompieAttack.

*Shark Week starts Sunday, August 12th at 9pm on the Discovery Channel, but you can wear your hat anytime.

*One fabulous shark fin hat per person. No stealing your child’s hat.



Josh Ellen and Marc Henderson! These two enterprising young men (for all I know they’re 104) came up with the winning names for our Presidential Burrito Bowls coming Monday, August 13th. Just look at these great names – and bowls:

Obama’s Chicken Teriyaki Luau Bowl: Mexican rice, grilled chicken, Teriyaki sauce, stir fry vegetables, grilled pineapple spears, garnished with chopped green onions and served in a bowl. (Please make my day and do the hula when you order it.)

Romney’s Mexican Mitt-Loaf BowlGrilled Mexican meatloaf, fresh mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, a sweet and savory sauce, corn, and salsa garnished with chopped green onions and served in a bowl. Mitt-Loaf. I love it.

So congratulations Josh and Marc. You’ve both won a catered party for 20 on Election night AND a 50” flat screen TV. Woo-hoo! (Fine print: you have to move in together and share it.)

As for the rest of you, you’ve won the ability to sway the election. Just gather up all your like-minded friends starting August 13thand order the burrito bowl of your preferred candidate over and over again. We guarantee whosever burrito bowl sells the most will be our next president. GUARANTEE IT. (The December Taco Talk may be written from jail.)

So if you care about your country (or us) at all, you’ll eat here many times in the next few months. It’s your patriotic duty.


Check out the happy winner of his very own Wall of Flame:

Kerry and Terry Eyler from Frederick, MD!


Josh and Marc do not have to share the TV. We’ll give them each their own. This just in.