(and we think you love us too!)

We had two catering contest winners from the University of Delaware

The first party was at UD’s Visitor’s Center where Teresa was able to be “hero for a day” since she was the winner!

The next UD party we held was at the Office of Communications and Marketing after Artika and her colleagues submitted a spunky poem and photo. Here are our favorite lines from the poem:

“When it comes to burritos, we don’t play

That’s why we lunch at CalTort every day

A meal for 100? Holy moly!

We’d load everything up with guacamole.

We’d stuff our faces with only the best

And take the rest of the day off and get some rest.”

If you’d like a Burrito Catering Party for your colleagues just like UD, all you have to do is call 855-CALTORT. One call, that’s all it takes.