That’s right—every Wednesday in December we’re giving DOUBLE Burrito Elito points on all Cal Tort purchases. Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! No matter what you buy, except for catering, gift cards and Cal Tort ponies*, you’ll get twice the points. At 2 points for every dollar you spend, you’ll be at 50 points, and therefore $5 in Burrito Bucks, in no time. And it starts today. GO!

*Cal Tort ponies don’t exist.


California Tortilla’s eagerly awaited predictions for 2011!

  • In an effort to not seem so cranky, the Queen will pretend to be supportive of Prince William’s choice of brides. (Prince Philip will pretend he’s not annoyed that he’s never going to be king.)
  • On this season’s first American Idol, new judge Steven Tyler will reveal that he’s 107.
  • When I tell my husband: “Take the kids for a haircut but make sure it’s not too short because I want to take their picture for our holiday card,” he will hear: “Take the kids for a haircut and make sure the skin on the top of their head shows.” This just in.
  • A cupcake store will open and no one will go. (It could happen.)
  • A little girl will accumulate enough Burrito Elito points to win the Cal Tort pony that she’s always dreamed of and I will have to explain to her that Cal Tort ponies don’t exist—she should have read the fine print.

You heard it here first, folks.


There’s still plenty of time to have Cal Tort cater your holiday party! Just call 1-855-CALTORT (1-855-225-8678) to place your order; a spunky Cal Tort catering specialist is waiting with bated breath to hear from you. To see all our fabulous catering options, click here.


Did you know that gift cards are the second most requested present—right behind money? (Who knew it was okay to ask for money?) So this year, why not give that lucky someone their second choice? A Cal Tort gift card! Just look at all the things you can do with a Cal Tort gift card:

Tip your way to better service. Tip your teacher! Tip your realtor! Tip your neighbor! (If I had tipped my neighbor their tree might not have fallen on my car.) There’s an endless array of people who’d love to be tipped with a Cal Tort gift card.

It’s the perfect present for the holiday gift exchange. Everyone can’t drink coffee, can they? Break the chain, people! Break the chain!

Reward your employees: A Cal Tort gift card lets them know how much you appreciate all the hard work they do for you. (I have to say though, when I give our employees a Cal Tort gift card they don’t seem all that thrilled for some reason.)

Buy a franchise with your Cal Tort gift card! No one ever takes me up on this but I’m still holding out hope.

Gift cards are available in any denomination—just ask a spunky cashier for one.

On that note, everyone at California Tortilla hopes you have a fabulous holiday!