Did you know that gift cards are the second most requested present—right behind money? (Who knew it was okay to ask for money?) Anyway, for those of you not giving out wads of cash this holiday season, we have a fabulous Cal Tort gift card promotion:

If you buy a Cal Tort gift card for $25 or more between now and December 31st, we’ll give you a coupon for a FREE entrée that can be redeemed on your next visit before February 1st. Buy as many as you like! Just ask a cashier for one the next time you’re in.

*One coupon per gift card regardless of amount of gift card; coupons can only be redeemed one at a time.


We love that the holiday season is all about giving. As our gift to you this year, we’re giving away FREE burritos, tacos, and chips and queso when you use your Burrito Elito card between December 9th and December 31st. Every time you make a purchase, there’s a 1 in 7 chance that we’ll put a fabulous Cal Tort treat on your card that can be used on your next visit through January 11th. You could even win FREE burritos for a year! One in seven. Those are some darn good odds.

So if you’re a lucky person like I am *, go to your friendly neighborhood Cal Tort lots and lots of times in December and get in on the Vegas-like Burrito Elito action! A fabulous Cal Tort treat could be yours.

*Proof that I’m lucky:

On a perfectly beautiful August day 3 years ago, my sons and I were in the house and my son Jack asked me to go out to the car to get a toy. I ran out to the car, got the toy, and ran back in. As soon as I sat down, the house started shaking out of control. I ran back outside (do you get the sense I do a lot of running?) and saw that the world’s biggest tree had fallen on my car and completely and totally demolished it. I can’t even begin to tell you how scary the whole thing was. I was this close from being in that car. (I wrote about it in Taco Talk at the time and a surprising number of customers wrote in to say that if I had been in the car – and by extension died a painful and horrible death – California Tortilla could have featured a Squash Burrito in my honor. Isn’t that touching?)

Do you have your own lucky story? I’d love to hear it.  Please just hit “reply” and give me all the scoop.


California Tortilla customers are known for having big hearts (yes, even the Squash Burrito people), and this holiday season we’re asking you to nominate people in your life or community most deserving of a Cal Tort random act of kindness. Maybe it’s a gift card for the special teacher in a child’s life; a catered lunch for the staff at the nursing home who care for an ailing parent; a holiday meal for a family who’s going through a tough time. Whatever it is, we want to do our part by helping Cal Torters make holiday random acts of kindness a reality for those they care about. We’ll be taking nominations via Facebook throughout the month of December at www.facebook.com/caltort.

So please help us find the unsung heroes in your communities. Nothing would make us happier!


As I write this, I’ve just come back from the dentist where they took X-rays of my jaw. It is just me, or is it a little disconcerting that they put a heavy metal vest on you and then run into another room, as if there’s a good chance that you’re going to explode?

On that exploding people note, the California Tortilla crew wishes you a very happy holiday season!


Pam aka Queen of Burritos
P.S. Don’t forget – we’ve got 2 secret menu items that only you, the Cal Tort secret club members, know about: the Crunchy BBQ Ranch Salad and the Korean BBQ Tacos. They’re so good and so insider-y.