And what better time to share with you my keen, completely biased observations on the differences between how men act when they’re in a Cal Tort and how women act when they’re in a Cal Tort? Ready?

Pam’s List of Completely Biased Cal Tort Gender Differences
• A man will pay for his entire meal with the money in the change cup; a woman will run home for a penny. (In all fairness to men, they’re generally the ones putting the money in the change cup. Women need to save their change to cut down on the running.)
• A group of women will never heckle another woman because she can’t finish her salad.
• A man would rather plunge to his death than say a particularly goofy Cal Tort secret password. Just ask the oompy doompy guy.
• Most women can’t fit a burrito in their mouth in one piece. Most men can’t either, but it’s not for lack of trying.
• A man will dress his oldest child in his youngest child’s clothes and then not think it’s odd that his oldest son is now wearing something akin to a tube top. (Oh wait. That’s from my personal list.)
• A woman will rarely stand up in the middle of the restaurant and rub her belly when she’s done with her burrito.
• A man will rarely pull his Burrito Elito card out of his bra.

So there you have it. If you have your own completely biased gender differences you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them. I’ll print the best ones (in only a year from now) and reward you with a free burrito – immediately. Yee-ha! Just email me at pfelix@californiatortilla.com.

Look – I get to use my second favorite inappropriate cartoon one more time!


We’ve taken all the best things about California Tortilla (save for the spunky cashiers) and we’ve made them into an unbelievably delicious burrito that’s called the California Tortilla Screamin’ Burrito. It’s so delicious that it’s been our best selling burrito for the past two weeks – and that’s without me even writing about it in Taco Talk. (I may have just written myself out of job.)

Why look at all the Cal Tort goodness it’s got: Blackened Chicken, Mexican rice, our very own Cal Tort Screamin’ hot sauce, our can’t-get-it-anywhere-else queso, grilled peppers and onions and fresh salsa. How tasty does that sound? (Chips not included. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy them.)


Participating California Tortillas are still offering the $5 Fiesta – any small burrito and a handful of crispy chips and salsa for only $5! (Okay, the small steak and California Screamin’ Burrito are 50 cents more, but that would be crazy talk if they weren’t, wouldn’t it?)

So stop by your local Cal Tort and ask for a $5 Fiesta. And then do a little dance at the register because you’re just so darn excited that you’re getting lunch or dinner for only $5. Please. (I said please.)

On that note, Happy Valentine’s Day!