Over the last few weeks you may have noticed some changes: a new cup, a new foil wrap for our delicious burritos, perhaps our brand spanking new logo. Well, we thought it was time to let you know why we’re making all these changes. Ready? Here goes…


17 years, people! It’s time for a change, don’t you think? Not only that, but after extensive research we realized that most new customers don’t know about the incredible quality of our food—that our chicken breasts are fresh, never frozen; that our guacamole is made from #1 Haas avocados; that we make dozens of recipes in small batches throughout the day so that you get the freshest food possible. So along with a new logo and new look that we think reflects the freshness of our food, going forward many of our stores will have display kitchens so you can watch the magic for yourself.

What won’t change? We’ll still have the same great food and employees; we’ll still have promotions like Pop Tart Day and the Monday Night Wheel; I’ll still make typos in Taco Talk (that would really be discombobulating if I stopped that charming little practice, wouldn’t it?). We’re saving the best and changing the rest.

And because we want you to love the new look like we do, starting February 1st, we’re handing out magnets with our new logo to anyone who stops by a Cal Tort.* Put it on your fridge, take it to your tattoo artist (wait! our lawyer says don’t do that), show it off at the next board meeting—just fall in love with it. You can also take a picture of you and our new logo and send it to skane@caltort.com. We’ll post them all on Facebook and you could win a prize.

And on a personal note:

I want to thank my many fans who’ve written in to say that they miss my picture on the cup; the reaction has been overwhelming. I haven’t checked my email today, but I think we’re up to 2 people at this point. (Seriously. How unmemorable am I?)

On that note, we hope you enjoy the changes—there are many more exciting ones to come.

*No purchase necessary – while supplies last


  • Ginger Rogers was alive.
  • I faxed Taco Talk to customers. At least I thought they were customers—a lot of times I got the number wrong. (Sorry, Ginger.)
  • Computers used floppy discs. Of which I still have 3 bazillion—and they all say Disc #1 or Disc #2. I have no idea what the subject is.
  • Some people didn’t realize that they should have spent a little more time coming up with their personal email address. Says foxxylady28@aol.
  • Starbucks was in its infancy–and my husband, who through some fluke got in on the initial stock offering, was busy selling his stock because he decided “no one will ever pay $2 for a cup of coffee.”
  • Starbucks has returned more than 20,000% to its initial investors. (Guess what subject comes up daily at our house?)


We are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14th! We’re giving Love Chips (you heard me) and a Nutella® Hazelnut Spread sample with every entrée you purchase. Love Chips are chips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and Nutella® Hazelnut Spread is well, just the best thing to ever happen to the free world. It’s a chocolate and hazelnut spread that’s beyond delicious. If you haven’t tried it you have to stop by. And if you have tried it, you’ll stop by because you know of what I speak.

So come on in on Valentine’s Day and share in the joy that is Nutella® Hazelnut Spread. It’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ll ever get (from us). I promise.


If you place a Cal Tort catering order with the lovely Melissa, our catering guru, she’ll give you a 10% bonus food credit for any order placed by this Sunday, February 5th. Handy Example: if you place an order for $300 (and please, feel free to spend more) you’ll get an additional $30 worth of food. Woo-hoo!

To place your order, call 1-855-225-8678 (I-855-CALTORT). And remember, California Tortilla has the perfect food for the SUPER big game that will BOWL you over.