We’re spreading the Valentine’s Day love early this year. On Thursday, February 13th we’re giving an order of Love Chips (you heard me) and a Nutella® Hazelnut Spread sample with any entrée purchase. Love Chips are chips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar served with Nutella® Hazelnut Spread. It is just the best thing to ever happen to the free world. It’s a chocolate and hazelnut spread that’s beyond delicious.

So come on in on the 13th and share the Nutella® Hazelnut Spread love with us. It’s the best Valentine’s gift you could get from us. (The whoopee cushions we gave out in 2001 notwithstanding.)


Every month I get lots of lots of emails from people telling me how much they love California Tortilla (and that there’s a typo in Taco Talk). And while I know you love us because we have delicious, fresh food, I think there’s more to it than that. So with that said, here are just a few of the hidden reasons that I think you like us:

  • On the second day we were open we put up a sign that said, “Over a Billion Burritos Sold!” (I liked that nobody questioned it. How busy did they think we were that first day?)
  • Once, in response to a competitor’s window sign that said, “WE HAVE COD!” we put up a sign that said, “WE DON’T HAVE COD!”
  • We make our own Ranch dressing. I personally think that if a restaurant doesn’t make their own Ranch dressing, they’re not that committed to quality – so every time we go to a restaurant I ask if they make their own Ranch dressing. (How do you think my husband feels about that little quirk?)
  • On a regular basis I write about the Queen of England in Taco Talk. (Please don’t tell her that I can never remember if she’s dead or not.)
  • We’re the only restaurant in the world that serves Honey Lime dressing. (And yes, we make the Honey Lime dressing ourselves. Were you not listening to my whole boring story about Ranch dressing?)

So there you have it – just a few of the reasons why you really love us. Just in case you were wondering.


Do you want a free burrito? Tell me your worst date story. I LOVE bad date stories and that would be the best Valentine’s Day present you could give me.  The top 3 worst date stories will get a free burrito AND possibly published in Taco Talk. (Anonymously, of course.)

And just in case you’re wondering what a bad date looks like, let me help you: I once went on a blind date where the person who set me up neglected to tell me that the guy had a handlebar moustache that literally extended a foot on either side of his head, with really swoopy curls at the end. (Who doesn’t think that’s a pertinent piece of info to mention?)  And since it was in Buffalo there was of course a snowstorm, so I was stuck with Yosemite Sam and his gigantic handlebar moustache personality for 4 of the most painful hours of my life. (He’s probably writing about me his newsletter as we speak.)

If you have a bad date story of your own, please email me at pfelix@californiatortilla.com.  It would make my day. And please remember – the worse, the better.

*Okay, one more story: My husband once went on a first date with a woman who came running out of the bathroom with a bloody nose and said, “We gotta get outta here—she’s comin’ after me!” How great is that?

On that note, Happy Valentine’s Day!