It’s Guac O’Clock all day long on June 1st.

Join us in commencing our month-long celebration of all things avocado with free guacamole and chips this Wednesday, June 1st. Just say “It’s Guac O’Clock!” to the cashier while ordering and all that hand-smashed goodness is yours!

And that’s just a slice of it. Ever wonder why avocados are still referred to as alligator pears in certain areas? Been dying to whip up a batch of Cal Tort guac at home? While our free chips and guac may only be available on June 1st, we’re celebrating our favorite superfood with tips, recipes, and even avocado-themed art from local artists all month long on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Yeah, this June is gonna be green — and it won’t be the same without you!

Are you an artist with a penchant for avocado-apt art? We’d love to help you show off your stuff! Email your piece to for a chance to be featured by Cal Tort.