Cal Tort’s Busy Decade

Every year at this time I like to look back on the previous year and make mention of particularly notable people, events and food items of the past year. (How boring does that sound?)

This year, I’ve decided to go through the lists from the first half of the decade, most of which I’ve forgotten (the lists; not the decade), and just make comments because that’s way easier than me actually coming up with a new list. Ready?

• In 2000 I gave out a prize for “Best Giant Poodle.” I have no idea why that was a category, but I like that we had a winner.

• In 2001 I anointed myself “Rebel of the Year.” According to what I wrote, that year Restaurant Business Magazine called me “a thorn in lawmakers’ side.” I can’t remember for the life of me why. What could I possibly have been doing to annoy lawmakers? Throwing tacos at them?

• In 2002 our “Least Popular Burrito Special” was the Aunt Bea Homestyle Chicken Burrito. I said the general consensus was that she’s dead and she should stop cooking. That’s nice, isn’t it?

• In 2003 our “Best Business Decision” was buying a heat lamp to keep the chips toasty warm. Our “Worst Business Decision” was underestimating the power of the heat lamp as it burned a $1000 dollar hole in the counter. Tell me that’s not us.

• In 2004 the customers deemed “Least Likely to Appreciate their Mystery Wheel Discounts” were apparently 4 men who all got their cars towed while they were eating in the restaurant on a Monday Night. Yikes. (You know they’re still mad at us.)

Now wasn’t that fascinating? And discombobulating, since you’re thinking that 2005 should be included, aren’t you? (I find the word “discombobulating” discombobulating.)

Limited Time Offers Are Back!

And to start the new year off right, we’ve got Korean BBQ Steak Tacos. They’re so, so good! Here’s what’s in them: Grilled, marinated sirloin steak, Korean BBQ sauce, Kimchi slaw, salsa, toasted sesame seeds and chopped scallions. Each order has 2 tacos. Also available as a burrito or a burrito bowl with the addition of rice.

2 Tacos: $5.99 Taco Combo : $7.99

Burrito or Burrito Bowl: $6.99


We’ll give a FREE Korean BBQ Steak Taco on Wednesday, January 12th to anyone who “likes us” on Facebook. Once you become our fan, you’ll be able to go to our wall and print out the free taco coupon. The coupon’s only good this Wednesday, so hurry! To become a Cal Tort fan, click here.


New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer has a new book out called Inner Circle and I can’t even tell you how excited I am about it. Why? Because we’re in it! And not only did he put us in his book, he’s a great guy and he loves California Tortilla. Tell me that’s not a winning combo. (I first met Brad when he wrote to tell me he’s a Taco Talk fan. And being the humble guy he is, he neglected to tell me he was a bestselling author. If I had known I would have been much nicer to him.)

Anyway, to celebrate Inner Circle, a book based on a conspiracy theory type plot that poses the question “Who is in your inner circle?” we’ve got 2 fabulous promotions going on:

1. Tuesday, January 25th is Inner Circle Day: Get a FREE taco with any purchase by either bringing in the book or kindle opened to the page we’re mentioned on or by telling the spunky cashier the page number . And please be excited as we are about it (which you know entails dancing).

2. Make a Cal Tort catering order from now until February 1st and we’ll give you a free copy of Inner Circle. Plus, we’ll donate $5 from every catering order to one of Brad’s favorite charities, City Year. Call 1-855-CALTORT (1-855-225-8678) to place your catering order–and to get a free book!

If you get a chance, please check out Inner Circle. It’s a great book and I can’t think of a better guy to support.

To see a very short, funny video of Brad talking about California Tortilla and his new book click here.


I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Hugh Hefner and his 24 year old bride-to-be on their upcoming wedding. Congratulations you crazy kids!

Coming Next Month: My father announces his engagement to Miley Cyrus.