Cal Tort By the Numbers

Because I’m much too busy to write full sentences, I’ve composed a handy list of important numerical Cal Tort facts for you. Ready?

33,342,000: Number of chip bags that we’ve gone through since we opened, all with my picture on them.

0: Number of people who’ve noticed that I’m no longer on the chip bag. Although I’m sure the guy who used to tell me every couple of hours that we should really get a “younger, more attractive woman” on the chip bags will be thrilled when he finds out. (Do you think there’s any way he didn’t realize I was the older, less attractive woman on the chip bag?)

1: Number of phone numbers that we advertise as our Mexican catering hotline.(1-855-CALTORT)

2: Number of affordable catering hot lines that we actually have. The above and 1-855-CALTROT. (Guess which one was a nonrefundable mistake–and would be really great if we specialized in pony parties?)

4: Number of fabulously darn tasty specials we do a year. Have you tried the Bangkok Shrimp special? Oh so good.

52: Number of specials that we used to do a year until we realized that there aren’t that many “fabulously darn tasty” burrito specials. (Hence 1997’s Creamy Apple Walnut Burrito. Seriously.)

132,412: Number of people who subscribe to Taco Talk.

132,412: Number of people who skim it looking for the word “free.” Don’t think I don’t know.

One of the aforementioned “oh so good”

Bangkok Shrimp specials.

Playing at a Cal Tort/Trot near you


(your skimming has paid off)

In celebration of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, California Tortilla is giving a FREE Discovery Channel Shark Fin Hat to anyone who purchases a fish taco on Thursday, July 28th. And I’m telling you, these are the greatest hats ever–I’m wearing it to the next royal wedding I’m invited to.

And please save the hat! If you wear it in-store on Wednesday, August 3rd (as if you won’t be wearing it every day until then) you’ll get a FREE TACO with any purchase.

See you on the 28th…

*Shark Week starts Sunday, July 31st at 9pm on the Discovery Channel, but you can wear your hat anytime.
*One fabulous shark fin hat per person


This month’s catering contest winner is recent high school grad Susan Casillo. Susan wrote us a great poem about how she’d love to win a catering party for her high school graduation party. We loved the poem and we loved catering for MaST Community Charter School in Philadelphia. Congrats to all the spunky grads and good luck!

My favorite excerpt from the poem:

My Mom would be so proud; my friends would be very glad, if CalTort would fulfill the wildest dreams of a dramatic, forthcoming grad!

I like that her wildest dreams have been fulfilled with a Cal Tort catering party. Who knew? If you’d like your wildest dreams fulfilled (okay, only the California Tortilla catering ones) call us at 1-855-CALTORT. Or 1-855-CALTROT. Your choice.


Don’t forget! If you make a catering order for $200 or more through the Cal Tort catering hot line and say the secret password “relax,” you’ll get a FREE hour massage from Massage Envy. While supplies last, so hurry!

To place your massage-receiving catering order, just call 1-855-225-8768. (1-855-CALTORT).

To find a Massage Envy location near you, click here.

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