That’s right – California Tortilla was voted “Best Taco” by Washingtonian Magazine readers and we’re celebrating with $1 Tacos on Wednesday, July 10th!* Get any one taco for $1. Even better than that though, we’ll be giving all proceeds from the $1 Tacos to No Kid Hungry. $1 connects a hungry kid with 10 meals.

With that said, thank you SO much for voting for us and for giving us an opportunity to help a great cause. We’re all very excited over here and we couldn’t have done it without you.

See you on the 10th!

*One $1 Taco per customer, please.


Still just as mouthwatering! Buy all 3 of the same kind, buy them separately or mix and match.


College grads are home and I know that it’s a crazy time for a lot of you; there are so many decisions to make! So in the hopes of making these post-college months just a little easier, I thought I’d give you some advice, based on my own personal experience. Ready?

Pam’s Advice for College Grads:

  • Try not to wear your skirt backwards to the interview. (I went to 4 interviews in one day with my skirt clearly on backwards. You’d think someone, at some point in the day, would have mentioned it, wouldn’t you?)
  • Living in a tiny apartment with a whole bunch of people your age is way more fun than living in any size house with your parents. (Except for the part where they don’t  tell you your skirt’s on backwards.)
  • You might as well do something you love, because no matter how much you make, you’ll need $20 more.
  • Don’t work for anyone named LeNorman. (He was one of my first bosses and he drew a sad crying face on a report I did. As an adult. How bad could it have been that it made him cry?)
  • Love other people’s children with all your heart. And then go to Happy Hour.
  • No matter how many advanced degrees you have, you still may end up making burritos for a living.

See — wasn’t that helpful? Congratulations grads!


On that note, have a happy and safe 4th! (You’re on your own the other days.)