Cal Tort By the Numbers

Because I know you all need my help socially (because clearly I’m so normal), I’ve compiled a list of exciting Cal Tort facts and figures to dazzle your guests with at your next party. Ready?

22,378: Number of free chips and darn tasty guac samples we gave out in May.

56: Number of people reading this who want to know what darn tasty guac is.

300,000: Approximate number of Cal Tort customers over the years who’ve gotten a free treat when they whispered a secret password to the spunky cashier.

150,000: Approximate number of customers who’ve said the secret password with enthusiasm–all of them women. (Would it kill you men to pretend you’re excited about something? Is that too much to ask?)

 475: Number of chili pepper decals I bought to put on my car.

0: Number of chili pepper decals that are actually on my car. (I thought better of the chili pepper plan when I remembered that I wasn’t insane.)

11,000: Number of comments we received in 2009.

10,996: Number of those comments that were about bringing back the Bacon Chicken Club Burrito. (You’d think we would’ve hopped on that, wouldn’t you?)

414: Tons of tomatoes we used last year. That’s almost a million pounds of tomatoes. That’s crazy talk.

580: Tons of cheese we used last year. Now that makes perfect sense to me.

So there you have it, folks–use this list at your own peril. Good luck.

Cal Tort Road

Compliments of the spunky and talented Beth who spent $25 on food to get a free $6 burrito.


Because we really, really want you to try our new darn fresh and darn fabulous menu, starting today, we’re giving you $1 off a different new menu item every week in June. Check it out:

June 1 – 6: Carnitas Verde. Pork carnitas, rice, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, Tomatillo Enchilada sauce, crispy tortilla strips and salsa all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

June 7 – 13: Enchilada Bowl. Choice of mesquite chicken, grilled steak or pork carnitas served over rice with Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, guac (quack), cilantro, Enchilada sauce, tortilla strips, lettuce and salsa. In a bowl. (Please don’t eat the bowl.)

June 14 – 20: Any Nachos. It’s a lot of cheese and a lot of chips with a lot of good stuff on top. Need I say more?

June 21 – 27: Any Taco Combo. Two tacos, a soda and chips and queso. (Chips and salsa or rice and beans upon request.) So stop on by — we can’t wait to show off these menu items. (And while we’re at it, I’d like to put a plug in here for another burrito that gets overshadowed by its burrito counterparts: The Havana Chicken Burrito. I LOVE this burrito. It’s lowfat, kind of sweet, kind of citrus-y, slightly spicy. It’s a taste sensation I tell you. When’s the last time you’ve had a taste sensation? See. My point exactly.)

*Don’t forget–you can always substitute veggies for meat. We have the technology.


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