To celebrate that June is Avocado Month (who knew?), on Wednesday, June 19th, we’re giving an order of FREE Chips and Guacamole to anyone who purchases an entrée. And believe me people, if you haven’t tried our guacamole, it’s absolutely delicious; it’s my single favorite food on the planet. It is made with #1 Hass Avocados, hand smashed (not actually with our hands but the hands are holding a smasher) and made in small batches throughout the day.

In addition, we want you to show your love of the super food and unleash your creative side. You could win a free burrito or catering for 20. Come in to any Cal Tort and get a flyer with an avocado or download it here. Decorate it any way you want. Then email your creation to, post a picture of it to Facebook or Twitter and tag it #CalTortGuacArt.

Are you a budding filmmaker? Shoot a Vine starring one or more avocados. Then post the video to Vine and tag it #CalTortGuacArt. That’s all there is to it. We’ll choose our favorite amped up avocado art each day and the best for the month to win fabulous prizes. What are you waiting for?

Need some inspiration or want to check out your fellow Cal Torters’ creations? Click here.

So please come out and celebrate Avocado Month all month long, but especially on the 19th with free Chips and Guac (you’ve earned the right to shorten the name). It’s the avocado event of the season!


Have you tried our Street Tacos? They’re here for a limited time and they’re so, so good! Just look at their mouthwatering goodness…

Buy all 3 of the same kind, buy them separately or mix and match. Just buy them! They’re a taste sensation, I tell you. When’s the last time you had a taste sensation? See – my point exactly.


Last month in honor of Mother’s Day, I wrote about how I think my children will remember me. So this month, in honor of Father’s Day, I’m going to tell how I think my kids will remember their father, or as they like to call him, “the fun one.” Ready? Here goes…

  • Our father taught us how to make grapes come out of our nose.
  • Our father didn’t pay any attention to what he dressed us in, despite the fact that there was a foot differential in our heights. Or that we were boys. Many times we left the house wearing our mother’s clothes.
  • Our father would fix all of our toys – including the ones that made noise. (I seriously heard my husband yell the other day, “Hey Jack! I fixed your whistle!” Who fixes their kid’s whistle?)
  • Every single story our father told us ended in tragedy, no matter what the subject. (“And after eating his cereal, little Jimmy plunged to his death.”)
  • Our father didn’t appreciate how funny our mother was. He regrets that now. (Now that we’re gone and there’s no buffer between them.)


Seriously, I hope all you fathers out there (and my husband, Peter, in particular – which would mean I have to get crackin’) have a wonderful day!