California Tortilla just catered their first wedding! Yep–diehard Cal Tort fans, Melissa and John, recently got married and they asked California Tortilla to be the official caterer. So because I wanted to know how it went (they love California Tortilla but apparently not enough to invite the Queen), I emailed Melissa and John to get the scoop. Below is what they said. With my helpful comments in parenthesis.

Pam: Congratulations on getting married! So how did it come about that California Tortilla catered your wedding?

Melissa & John: Instead of getting the usual expensive, flavorless, wedding “gourmet” food (like you served your wedding guests, Pam) we wanted to get something we both actually loved and everyone knows we love Cal Tort!

Pam: What were some of the responses you got when you told people California Tortilla was going to be catering it?

Melissa & John: One of our friends was so excited he made sure he was invited two weeks before the wedding when he heard Cal Tort was catering. (Which begs the question, when were the other guests invited—the day of?)

Pam: What was best thing about California Tortilla catering your wedding?

Melissa & John: Just seeing tables of California Tortilla food that was just for us all night was awesome! Also, taking home leftovers fed us and some guests for the next few days! (I’m taking a doggy bag to the next wedding I go to. Who knew?)

Pam: What would you tell someone who wanted to know if they should have California Tortilla cater their next event?

Melissa & John: They should TOTALLY do it! Everyone was telling us that night about how great the food was and the atmosphere was really fun; it was just like a Cal Tort restaurant!

Pam: Is there anything else you’d like to share with Taco Talk readers? (Whatever you do, don’t make any typos. They’re very sensitive to typos.)

Melissa & John: If you think you have someone who won’t eat “Mexican” food (we’re lookin’ at you, Mam Mam), they’ll probably say they’ll eat something at home, but then you’ll see them secretly eating a burrito with a big smile on their face.

Pam: What is the Cal Tort catering number?

Melissa & John: 1-855-CALTORT! 1-855-CALTORT! (They even get excited about our catering number. I like that.)

Pam: Finally, and perhaps most importantly, which one of your new in laws do you like least?

Melissa & John: That’s a horrible question! Which one of YOUR in laws do you like least?

Pam: Aunt Fran.

Thanks for being such good sports John and Melissa and for thinking of us on your big day—we’re absolutely thrilled that it went so well. And FYI, I like Aunt Fran. I just said that to make my sister laugh.


They’re my favorite special that we’ve ever had. Get ’em while you can!


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