If you go to any California Tortilla this Thursday, May 5th and say the secret password “Cinco de Mayo” to the spunky cashier, he or she will give you a FREE TACO coupon that’s good on your next visit.* Woo-hoo!

See you on Thursday…

*Next visit must be within 2 weeks—after 2 weeks the coupons self destruct. We’re a Mexican restaurant and a dangerous high school science experiment all rolled into one.

WE’VE GOT A WINNER! And then some.

As you may remember, last month we promised to give a Mexican catering party for up to 100 people to the person who came up with the best submission regarding what they’d do with a Cal Tort catering party (other than eat it). And the plan all along was to just give one party, but some of the submissions were so heartwarming and so funny that we gave out several catering parties—it was just too darn hard to choose.

With that said, over the next few months I’ll be telling you a little about each winner. And the first one I’d like to introduce you to is China Bay Smith (who I’m quite sure made her name up). China Bay has been a customer for the past 10 years and felt compelled to make a submission because not only is she a huge California Tortilla fan, she also “loves projects!” (China Bay might be a little bit off her rocker now that I think about it.)

Seriously, I absolutely loved China Bay’s submission and if you click here, you’ll see for yourself why we’ve chosen China Bay as the first winner of our Cal Tort Catering Contest.

Congratulations China Bay!


Trixie Labamba (two can play this game)


In a California Tortilla first, starting May 9th we’re adding shrimp dishes to our menu for a limited time. We’ve got a Bangkok Shrimp Bowl, a Bangkok Shrimp Quesadilla, Bangkok Shrimp Tacos–and we’re spicing them all up with a sweet red chili sauce and so much more. Just look at how good this bowl looks…

When we say “Relax, We’ve Got Your Catering Covered” we really mean it.

That’s right—if you make a Mexican catering order for $200 or more through the Cal Tort catering hot line after May 6th and say the secret password “relax,” you’ll get a FREE hour massage from Massage Envy. (Well, a coupon for a free hour – they won’t actually give you a massage while you place the order. That would be weird.)

To place your massage-receiving catering order, just call 1-855-225-8678. And c’mon—tell me this isn’t a great tie in! (I can say that. I didn’t come up with it.)

*To find one of 24 Baltimore/Washington area Massage Envy locations near you, click here.


As I wrote this the royal wedding list came out and I think you should know that if I had married Prince William (because I’m so appealing to guys in their 20’s), I would have had a much different guest list. My guest list would include…

  • My husband. It’s the least I can do.
  • Princess Fergie. Now she seems like a lot of fun.
  • The President of the United States. (Seriously. They invited 1900 people—what’s two more?)
  • All you faithful Taco Talk readers. It’s finally paying off! (It took a long time though, didn’t it?)
  • Spiderman. Why not?
  • The Super Nanny. Hopefully she’ll repay the favor by whipping my children into shape. (“Now kiss your Mum and tell her you’ll do your own laundry for the rest of your life even though you’re only 3.”)

On that note, have a fabulous laundry-free Mother’s Day! (It should be laundry-free for mothers—not anyone else.)

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