Cinco de Mayo’s right around the corner. Because it falls on a Sunday this year, we’re celebrating it not only on Cinco de Mayo, but Tres and Cuatro de Mayo as well.

That’s right – for every entrée that you purchase at California Tortilla on Friday, May 3rd; Saturday, May 4th, or Sunday, May 5th, we’ll give you a FREE taco coupon that can be redeemed anytime between May 6th and May 15th. (Hopefully you’ve got a head for dates…and languages.)

So come on in May 3rd – 5th and celebrate our favorite holiday with a taco on us!



Want to win delicious prizes and possibly even catering for 20? Starting Friday, May 3rd, just visit and play our piñata game. What is it? I have no idea since I’m writing about it without seeing it, but it’s got to be fun, right? Everyone likes a piñata. (Everyone except the kid who gets hit in the head with the stick.)



Last month, thousand of you voted for our next special and let me tell you, you have made a FABULOUS choice: STREET TACOS. 

What are Street Tacos? Street Tacos are mini white corn tortillas filled with savory meats and sauces. We’ll be including 3 of the following amazingly delicious Street Tacos in this month’s special:

Korean BBQ Taco: Melted jack cheese, mesquite steak, Korean BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw, green onions and a drizzle of Sriracha chili sauce. (This is my single most favorite special we’ve ever had.)

Carnitas Verde Taco: Melted jack cheese, carnitas, enchilada sauce, onion/cilantro relish.

Havana Chicken Taco: Melted jack cheese, mesquite chicken, Havana sauce, pico de gallo and an avocado slice.

Buy 3 for $6.49 or make it a combo meal with a regular soda and chips and queso (or salsa) for $8.69. I could go on and on about how great these tacos are, but starting on Monday, May 20th, you’ll be able to check them out yourself.



Mother’s Day is almost here and last year, as none of you remember, I shared with you some recollections of my own mother – most of them having to do with the different (but loving) ways she put her childrens’ lives in peril.

This year, I thought I’d write a list of what I think my kids’ recollections of me will be when they’re adults. Ready?

  • Our mother was so cheap, she cut the paper towels in half. (In my defense, I thought I had bought the paper towels where you can pick the size of the towel; I cut them in half because I hate to waste the paper. But you know that’s the only thing they’re going to remember from their childhood, don’t you?)
  • Our mother would mortify us by acting like she knew us when she picked us up from school.
  • We once asked our mother if grass had been invented yet when she was a kid.
  • When our mother didn’t want to share her food with us, she told us it had caffeine in it. Upon reflection, she would have moved much faster if there was caffeine in as many things as she said there was.
  • Our mother used to warm our clothes in the dryer in the morning so they wouldn’t be cold when we put them on and we were very unappreciative. We regret that now. (Some things I say just for me.)


On that note, I hope all of the mothers out there have an absolutely wonderful Mother’s Day. If you have any thoughts on how you think your kids will remember their childhood, I’d love to hear them. Email them to me at