This team throws more alley-oops than chest passes.

During the offseason, Street Tacos became a global sensation when its streetball videos took the internet by storm. What was once a small team known only on local playgrounds and gyms, suddenly became the lead story on every daily sports show.

The team is led by smooth shooting, slick dribbling point guard dubbed, “Hot Sauce” who often breaks out into a salsa dance after hitting a game-winning shot. He’s also known for throwing down dunks hot enough for the Wall of Flame.

With skilled dribblers and high flyers at every position, this team throws more alley-oops than chest passes. Street Tacos just may be the most exciting team to watch during the Elito 8.

Street Tacos Starting Lineup:

  • grilled mini white corn tortillas
  • assorted savory meats
  • variety of condiments and salsas