Lightning in a bottle.

According to preseason prognosticators, Teriyaki Burrito had no chance of making the Elito 8. After losing many key players after last season, most thought this would be no more than a rebuilding year. And even early this season, the outlook was bleak.

But something happened to this team after New Year’s. They started winning. They won close games and blowouts. They won with defense and they won with last-second buzzer beaters.

What Teriyaki Burrito has going for it now is momentum. And sometimes, momentum is enough. As they say, the Elito 8 isn’t won in January, it’s won in April.

Teriyaki Burrito Starting Lineup:

  • grilled, marinated chicken
  • savory teriyaki sauce
  • grilled pineapple salsa
  • Mexican rice
  • crunchy noodles
  • scallions
  • lettuce