You’d be a nut to bet against them.

With an average age older than most tech start-ups, you could say that Thai Chicken Burrito’s players have been around. This group of seniors has battled through injuries and setbacks to earn a coveted spot in the Elito 8.

These seasoned veterans may look average from the outside, but showcase an array of surprisingly spicy moves on the court.

Don’t be shocked if this team makes a run at the title. As one opposing coach put it, “If I was a betting man, I’d bet on Thai Chicken Burrito. But I can’t bet because I’m a coach and that would be a serious violation. Hey, stop writing this down…” Not sure where he was going with that, but you get the idea. This team is for real.

Thai Chicken Burrito Starting Lineup:

  • grilled mesquite chicken
  • Mexican rice
  • spicy Thai peanut sauce
  • fresh salsa
  • lettuce