California Tortilla is featured in Around Oscealo for our latest new store opening in Kissimmee, Florida.

California  Tortilla  Arrives  in  Florida  and  that  is  a  very  good  thing.

I have seen the future of casual Mexican dining in Central Florida, and it just might be California Tortilla.

The fast and casual scene in the Kissimmee area might already seem a bit crowded with the likes of Moe’s, Chipotle and Tijuana Flats, but California Tortilla is about to give the rest of the competition a major run for the money.

With an emphasis on fresh and just about everything made in its open kitchen format, California Tortilla is brand new not only to Central Florida, but the rest of the state as well.

Word got out anyway about two weeks ago that there were free burritos on opening day, and more than 1,000 showed up. But I am in guessing, that most of the folks who showed up for free burritos, will be coming back for more.

This is a more varied menu than what you find at the other popular fast-casual Mexican  restaurants in the area, with some really interesting different spins of the burrito  like Korean BBQ, Honey Lime and Crunchy BBQ ranch.

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