As many of you may recall, in my last email I wrote about how excited we were to be affiliated with Share Our Strength, a fabulous organization that’s dedicated to ending childhood hunger by 2015. At least that’s what I meant to write. What I actually wrote was that Share Our Strength is an organization dedicated to ending childhood by 2015. That’s right—childhood in general. And it’s not just any organization—it’s a fabulous organization that’s dedicated to ending childhood. Seriously, could there be a worse typo in an email about helping children? Or a worse promotion? (“Buy a t-shirt from us and your kids will only have 5 more years to live!”)

I got almost a thousand emails pointing out my error and I have to tell you, some of them were absolutely hilarious (these tended to be from people who weren’t horrified). You guys are very, very funny.

So my apologies to Share Our Strength and to anyone who didn’t realize this was a typo. We really do love children and we’re looking forward to feeding them burritos for many years to come. I swear.


October is Secret Password Month! Do you have any idea how much I love secret password month? (It’s way better than end childhood month.)

With that said, every Tuesday in October we’re giving away free stuff when you provide the secret passwords below to the spunky cashier. (And as you’ll soon see, I’m no longer in charge of the passwords. I’ve been replaced by a normal person.)

Tuesday, October 5th: Say “FRESH”and we’ll give you a free Chips and Queso when you buy any burrito, such as the unbelievably scrumptious California Screamin’ Burrito below—a burrito made with all of Cal Tort’s signature items.

Tuesday, October 12th: Say “Variety” and we’ll give you a free soda when you buy any salad. Have you tried our salads? They’re SO, SO good. And I insist that you eat them with our honey lime dressing. It’s my absolute favorite. (Your dressing choice is all about me.)

Tuesday, October 19th: Say “Signature”and we’ll give you a free Chips and Queso when you order a Mixed Grill Bowl, a Sunset Chicken and Veggie Bowl or an Enchilada Bowl. I’m telling you, they’re a bowlful of deliciousness.

 Tuesday, October 26th: Say “Smother it”and we’ll smother any burrito with queso or enchilada sauce. Mmm…

So remember to come on out on any Tuesday in October—because not only will you get a great meal, you’ll get a great deal to go with it. Tell everyone you know about this top secret promotion!


The results are still rolling in, but as of this writing, we’ve raised over $11,000 in our efforts to help end childhood HUNGER by 2015. That translates into 2500 bags of groceries. Yee-ha! And if you haven’t bought your swanky t-shirt for a mere $5 yet, many Cal Torts still have some left. Just ask—we’d love to sell you one. And to keep childhood going for a very long time.


It’s a big election this year and because we love our voters (and children—have I mentioned that?), Cal Tort is giving anyone who votes in the midterm elections and shows us proof that they voted a FREE taco on Tuesday, November 2nd. And we don’t care who you vote for—we just want you to vote. (Actually, I’d love you to stay home if you’re not voting for the people I want to win. Is that too much to ask?)

Seriously, just come on in on November 2nd proudly wearing your “I VOTED!” sticker or proudly showing us whatever other documentation you have (she says trying to cover all the bases) and we’ll hand over a darn tasty taco right then and there.


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