Congratulations to our Social Media Month winners of the Twitter contest! Here is a list of all the magnificent tweets that won Free Burritos for a year!

Kacey ‏ @KaceyMack22

“Is it socially acceptable to get @caltort twice in one day? There before it even opened and then again for dinner? #Obsessed”

Laura ‏ @BeltwayBargain

“Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum. @caltort Burrito here I come #happybelly #spunkynurseryrhyme”

Brett ‏ @BrettRosenthal

“Instead of counting sheep last night in my sleep, I counted burritos. I slept in until noon and woke up just in time for a @caltort #lunch”

Amy ‏ @amymaline

“Shark Week hats never die. All we need now is fish tacos and queso from @caltort #quesowatch2012”

Jason‏ @acemagician

“Knock knock. Who’s there? Caltort. Caltort who? Caltorturing me by making me come up with clever tweets! #isuckatthis. @caltort”

Megan@ megg_north

“Bad day: cheer up w/ @caltort ; Good day: celebrate w/ @caltort . Average day: spice it up w/ @caltort ; everyday is a @caltort day!!  #winning”

Ashley‏ @smashleywhit

“I love @caltort so much that I was a @caltort taco for Halloween! #caltortsmmonth”

Niel ‏ @nieliswonderful

“@caltort mangoburrito rocked my socks off,walk home sans socks,halfway home,craved another-went back 4 2nds #fulfilled”

Alex @Mr_Possimpible

“EARLY RELEASE: A SONG FOR STACEY!!! (Lyrics in description) #Caltortsmmonth by Mr_Possimpible via #soundcloud @Caltort”

Rob ‏ @rob_lacey

“@caltort, Hope you enjoy my silent film: The Burrito-ist: #caltortsmmonth”

Michael ‏ @MichaelTKeegan

“My dog hoped to find some @caltort remnants in the trash. Too bad for him I lick the queso cups clean. #caltortsmmonth”

Jon ‏ @JapersRink

“@caltort Check it out… the CalTortle. #caltortsmmonth #cantbeunseen”


Alicia @AliciaNicoleL

“Can you solve my @caltort crossword puzzle? Word bank included #caltortsmmonth”

Daniel ‏ @DannyShazam

“A Dramatic Re-Telling of my day with @caltort. #caltortsmmonth I was innocently sitting there. My classes were (cont) ”

Dave ‏ @davfalcon

“@caltort If I was producing a sitcom, it would be called ‘The Big Burrito Theory’ or ‘Burritos and Recreation’ #caltortsmmonth”

Jason ‏ @konajinx

“When I’m short @caltort makes me tall! Build a fort with @caltort and it won’t fall! Even in court @caltort rules overall!”

Richard ‏ @rpress99

“The Most Interesting Man In The World enjoys The Most Delicious Burritos In The World -@caltort, natch”

Thomas ‏ @ThomasGParisi

“Hey @caltort here is my entry for #caltortsmmonth. stop motion movie “come back here with my @caltort””

Claudia ‏ @DoubleIvy

“A delicious @caltort Steak Fajita Burrito Bowl keeps calling me. I’ve got caller ID. Make him stop…or deliver. #IKnowURHungryAndAlone”


John ‏ @J_D_Dogg

“Jury duty means lunch @caltort. I’m guilty of enjoying a terrific burrito. #VoirDire”

Danny ‏ @DannyBWein

“California theme night: @90210 at 8pm, NCIS: Los Angeles at 9pm, and a @caltort California Screamin’ burrito for supper! #caltortsmmonth”

Julian ‏ @jbaboo

“@caltort when wifey goes to @caltort she is so excited about burritos & tacos that she says: HAY DIOS MIO! @caltort RIQUISIMO!”

Stephen ‏ @Skinde

“I don’t wanna take up time, to come up with a silly rhyme. I want to win, it’s not enough, to get burritos in #caltortsmmonth. @caltort”


Chris ‏ @PennStater7

“In honor of March Madness tonight I start @caltort Bracket to determine best burrito. Tonight 1 Carnitas Verde vs 8 Fajita #caltortsmmonth”

Katie ‏ @KatieBrebbia

“They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. I say it would’ve been if they were rewarded w/ @caltort”

Leah ‏ @o_leah_o

“Boyfriend is making me drink a naked juice & eat a kind bar for breakfast. Thank god @caltort is for lunch!”

John ‏ @johndeans

“I always wanted to be a burrito, now I can pretend by wrapping up in my new @caltort tshirt, thanks!”

Barb ‏ @airynothing

“Bright spot of the day? Diet Vanilla Coke!!! Thanks to the hubs and Coke Freestyle @caltort. #itsthesmallthings”

Jeff ‏ @EnsignFoxtrot

“@caltort Beans and queso, salsa dip, come and have a fresh-made chip; a restaurant that’s not a bore, come enjoy some fresh Caltor! #burrito”


“The first time I took a bite out of a crunchy BBQ ranch burrito I had to ask if I was taking a bite of a burrito.. Or heaven @caltort”

Brian @MisterBdotP

” ‘I’ve got 52 burritos and I’m gonna eat each 1’ – is now the official winner’s song for #caltortsmmonth from @caltort”