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Street Tacos Highlight California Tortilla’s New Menu!

California Tortilla is rolling out an expanded menu nationwide in September featuring fresh takes on fan favorites and unique flavor combinations. The fast casual restaurant chain enhances its offering with highlights including their perennially popular Street Tacos, a favorite that embodies what California Tortilla is all about: re-imagining Mexican cuisine by combining traditional elements with bold, unique flavors.

“Our sales and research have shown a trend toward lighter eating and more intense flavors, which explains why tacos are proliferating right now,” says Keith Goldman, COO and executive chef at California Tortilla. “Customers love options—and tacos are great for sampling two or three different flavors instead of just one.”

Goldman continues, “Limited-Time Offers featuring tacos have always been one of our top-performers—every time they came off the menu, our customers asked, ‘When are they coming back?’ So, we listened.”

“This menu really highlights our re-imagined flavors, fresh ingredients, and bold and exciting combinations,” says Laura Cissel, vice president marketing at California Tortilla. “What’s more, tacos always generate a lot of excitement with our customers, something our sales, franchisee feedback and social media all reflect. We thought it was the perfect time to take all of that insight and roll out an expanded menu, offering a variety of new items and keeping the flavors customers know and love.”


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