Hundreds and hundreds of people submitted radio ads for our radio ad contest and we’d like to thank all of those who participated. After much discussion (and laughter) we’re excited to announce the winners:

1st Place ($1000 and Free Burritos for a Year): Zachary Mielke

To listen to Zachary’s ad, click here

2nd Place ($500 and Free Burritos for a Year): Erika Ettin

To listen to Erika’s ad, click here

3rd Place ($250 and Free Burritos forĀ  Year): Rob Shearman

To read Rob’s ad, continue reading below

Congratulations to Zachary, Erika and Rob! California Tortilla officially gives you all a big group hug.

We here at CALIFORNIA TORTILLA have been wondering: what is it about our burritos that make them the NUMBER ONE burrito according to Washingtonian Magazine?

Was it our tender, juicy, white chicken meat, grilled to flavor perfection?
Was it our fabulous, fresh salsa?
Was it the astounding variety of hot sauces on our … (slight pause) … “Wall of Flame”?
Was it our amazing variety of classic and specialty burritos?
Was it the darn spunky attitude that comes FREE with every purchase?

(whispered mumbing in the background)

Ah. I’ve just been informed what what made California Tortilla’s burritos the NUMBER ONE burrito according to Washingtonian Magazine is that we got more votes than anyone else.

California Tortilla. Specialty Burritos are our specialty.

For a list of locations to find Washintonian’s NUMBER ONE burrito, visit our darn spunky website at w-w-w dot california tortilla dot com.