Okay, for those of you who love the Washington Post like I do, you may have read a conversation that one of its writers imagined the Cal Tort “executives” had when they were deciding on what our latest burrito special should be. Suffice it to say that the writer doesn’t love the Ramen Burrito that we came up with and she really doesn’t think the Cal Tort executives are all that bright. (I’m assuming she must have met me at one point and that’s what she’s basing her assessment on. I’m also assuming she thinks I’m a man because all the executives were male in the cartoon picture that accompanied the article. Exactly how unfeminine am I?)

Anyway, I wanted to set the record straight on what the actual conversation was that the “executives” had when they were deciding on our latest burrito special. Ready?

Cal Tort Head Chef: Thanks for coming, guys! (He’s very exuberant). Today we’re tasting the Ramen Burrito, which I’m considering as our next burrito special. Please tell me what you think. And above all, be honest.

Executive 1: It’s totally delicious!

Executive 2: It’s so fresh and fabulous!

Executive 3: This is amazing.  I love every bite. Also, can you please tell Executive 2 she’s sitting on my hand?

Executive 4: Wow! This is great. I say let’s do it!

Executives 1-3: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Chef: Alrighty—we’ve got a winner. The Ramen Burrito! Thanks so much for coming to the tasting, everyone. (He’s also very polite.)

It truly was as simple as that.

With that said, you know who else loves the Ramen Burrito? Our customers. You guys have made it one of our biggest selling burrito specials and THE biggest “repeat” purchase burrito special that we’ve ever had. So thanks to all of you for loving the Ramen Burrito as much as we do. #WeLoveOurCustomers.

Have you tried the Ramen Burrito yet? If so, tell us what you think. Email pfelix@caltort.com.


Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day on the traditional February 14th, which never really seemed to catch on with people, this year California Tortilla is celebrating Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 12th.

That’s right, on February 12th, all the Cal Torts are giving every customer a FREE order of Love Chips and Nutella® Hazelnut Spread* with their purchase. Love Chips are chips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and served with Nutella®, a chocolate and hazelnut spread that’s beyond delicious.

Join us on February 12th and share the Nutella® love with us. It’s the best Valentine’s gift we could possibly give you.


In last month’s Taco Talk, one of our customers took issue with me suggesting that Kate Middleton bought Prince George on the internet. My sincere apologies to anyone else who thought that. Because while I can’t be absolutely certain that Prince George wasn’t purchased on the internet, I tend to think he wasn’t.

On that note, I hope you’re having a fabulous, controversy-free February!