So here’s the scoop: This is going to be the world’s shortest Taco Talk because I broke my arm skiing and I’m typing with one hand. (Take a moment here to tell your arms how much you love them and that you promise to never underestimate their importance.) I’ve got surgery next week, so hopefully I’ll be back to writing a long, boring Taco Talk in April.

On that note, enjoy your Taco Talk-lite…
Pam aka the Queen of Burritos


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, on Monday, March 17th, California Tortilla will be offering a FREE order of Green Chips and Queso with any purchase! (And no, the queso won’t be green – just the chips.)   See you on the 17th. Your lucky pot o’ queso awaits you! (This took me 3 hours to write.)

P.S. March Madness is about to begin. Make sure your bracket party has the best bites, chips and dips! Call Cal Tort Catering at 855-CAL-TORT!