California Tortilla is proud to announce that we’re once again taking part in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry. For each entrée that you upgrade to a Fresh Deal between Sunday, September 7th and Saturday, September 13th, California Tortilla will make a $1 donation to the No Kid Hungry campaign.

A Fresh Deal is a soda and your choice of one of 8 delicious sides. The No Kid Hungry campaign is a fabulous campaign that’s dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States.So go a little crazy September 7th- 13th and upgrade all your meals to Fresh Deals. The more you eat, the more we give!

It’s Grandparents’ Day! And because I’m a big grandparent fan, I thought I’d share with you some interesting things I’ve learned about grandparents in the last few minutes in my extensive grandparent research. Ready?

Grandparents by the Numbers
23: Age in years of  the world’s youngest known living grandmother. (Whom I am assuming a little boy thought I was when he asked my kids if I was their grandmother.)

: Number of living grandsons of John Tyler, our 10th U.S. President. Mr. Tyler was born in 1790. (I don’t know which I find more fascinating–that his grandsons are still alive or that we had a president named John Tyler.)

9 out of 10
: Number of grandparents who like talking about their grandchildren.

10 out of 10
: Number of people who would rather talk to the other 10%.

24: The percentage by which grandmothers outnumber grandfathers. (Which makes me think of one of my favorite jokes: Why do men die before their wives? Because they want to.)

And from my personal list…
1: Number of very funny grandmothers I had. On my grandmother’s 90th birthday I gave her a beautiful, really heavy vase. And my teeny, tiny grandmother, who had just moved in with one of her kind of cranky daughters, took the vase and said, “This is perfect, honey! I’m going to hit your Aunt Helen over the head with it.”

I miss my grandparents every day of my life (especially that one). Do me a favor and give yours a big ol’ hug for me —and better yet, treat them to a fabulous Cal Tort meal and Fresh Deal! … She says after realizing that she forgot to relate her list to California Tortilla in any way shape or form.

Of course you are. If you answer the question below correctly, you’ll be eligible to win 2 tickets to the Route 29 Revue concert at Merriweather Post Pavillion on Saturday, September 13th. Woo-hoo!

I’ve been told that my contest questions are too hard. So I’m making this one easier. Here goes…

What do you need to buy between Sept. 7th and 13th in order for California Tortilla to donate $1 to the No Kid Hungry Campaign? (C’mon! You just read it!)

Email your answer to: Good luck!