In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, on Tuesday, March 17th, California Tortilla will be giving everyone a FREE order of Queso and Green Chips with any purchase! (Note, the queso won’t be green – just the chips. We can only take the holiday theme so far before it backfires.)

See you on the 17th for some delicious queso and green chips!


I just got an email from a customer that made me think of something that happened 20 years ago (other than my youth). In the email the customer asked me how we came up with the name “California Screamin’ ” for our house hot sauce. I explained that we had a hot sauce naming contest and Josh Raisher won with California Screamin’. As I wrote the email it made me remember very clearly the phone call that I excitedly made to Josh to tell him that he was the winner.

Here’s the actual conversation that we had:

Me: Hi Josh! This is Pam from California Tortilla! Josh, you’re the big winner!

Josh (in a voice that suggested he just ran over his cat): Oh.

Me: Josh, you’re the one and only winner of the hot sauce naming contest!

Josh: Uh huh.

Me: That’s right, Josh! Hundreds of people entered the contest, but you’re the winner of the $50 gift certificate! (Looking back, maybe it was the prize that was the problem.)

Josh: Okay.

Me: Josh, what’s your last name? (I thought maybe by some incredible coincidence I’d gotten the wrong Josh.)

Josh: Raisher.

Me: Are you sure?

Josh: Yep.

Me: Well Josh, aren’t you excited? Isn’t this great?

Josh: I guess.

Me: Alrighty then (I said as I tried to think of ways to strip him of his crown). Congratulations, Josh. You can pick up your prize anytime.

Josh: Click.

And that was that. But about 5 minutes later we got a call from Josh’s mom, and it turns out that it wasn’t that Josh wasn’t excited, it was that he was 12. Josh’s mom made up for his enthusiasm, so by the end of our call with her we were once again pleased with our choice.

So there you have it. The story of how California Screamin’ came to be. (FYI: Josh has turned into a very fine young man, which we are of course taking full credit for.)

Next Month: How our 74 other hot sauces got their names.

Someone just told me that Taco Talk ends abruptly.