That’s right, because you pay big cheese on Tax Day, we’re giving free Chips and Queso (or salsa to the cheese-intolerant) to anyone who makes a purchase and says the secret password “Taxes Shmaxes” on Wednesday, April 15th. And if you can say “Taxes Shmaxes” in a bored, funny voice, it’ll be that much more fun for us. (It’s time to give back, people!)

See you on the 15th…


So some of you may have seen a billboard, heard it on the radio or noticed a banner on your cell phone that describes California Tortilla as “Mexican Re-Imagined.” What the heck is going on, you wonder? (Because you’ve never heard a commercial before.) What are they re-imagining?

Well, here’s the scoop: We’re re-imagining that if we do our first full-blown advertising campaign, it’ll help us spread the word about all of our fabulous food. You know what else we’re imagining? That you, the people so dedicated to Cal Tort that you’re actually reading a newsletter about our burritos, could also help spread the word out about what makes California Tortilla so fabulous—so different from everyone else.

Here are some Cal Tort talking points to help get you started. Ready?

  • “Everything at California Tortilla’s a taste sensation, I tell you! They’ve got about a billion combinations of delicious flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. When’s the last time you had a taste sensation, Sally? (Sally will say the last time she had a grapefruit and you’ll gently explain to her that citrus fruit doesn’t count.)
  • “Everything’s fresh! They don’t have freezers, Sally. Can you believe it? (Sally will be incredulous at first.) The salsa, the guac, the salads – they’re all made fresh every day all day!”
  • “They’re known for their great 80’s music, Sally!”
  • “You’re not just a number at California Tortilla, Sally! They actually call you by your name.” (Although at this point, Sally’s thinking she’d like to hear her name a little less.)
  • “They’ve got over 75 different hot sauces. I ask you, who has that many hot sauces? That’s right – no one.”  (Sally knows all of the restaurants in America off the top of her head.)
  • “They have Pop Tart Day, Cheese Lover’s Day and the Monday Night Mystery Wheel to name just a few of their fun promotions.

Seriously, thanks so much for helping us spread the word – we really appreciate it. Now get going!


Cinco de Mayo and graduation season are almost here! And what does that mean? It means that you need to book that catering party NOW! (She says in a panic.) It’s California Tortilla’s biggest time of the year, so get your order in early. And to give you a little incentive, now through May 30th, for every 20 person catering order we’ll give you a FREE QUART of delicious Queso or Guacamole when you say the secret password, “FIESTA!”

Check out the catering options and call 1-855-225-8678 and say FIESTA to place your order.

On that note, I hope you’re having a fabulous start to spring!

(I’m wearing a parka, mittens and earmuffs as I write this.)

P.S. LAST CHANCE TO GET THE RAMEN BURRITO! It’s going away soon, so get it while you can!