This Sunday, October 4th is National Taco Day. And to celebrate, if you purchase a taco, we’ll give you one absolutely free. You heard me right –a promotion on a Sunday! And not just any promotion, but a free taco promotion. Woo-hoo!

So stop by any California Tortilla THIS Sunday and help and get a free taco when you purchase a taco. You may never get this opportunity again.
See you here…

*Free taco of equal or lesser value. Not valid with any other offers. Up to five free tacos per person. Free tacos taste really good.


As many of you know, we just celebrated our 20th birthday. And because we’re all about giving (me in particular), we thought we’d take a few moments of your time and share with you just a few of the very important lessons that we’ve learned over the years—just in case you’re thinking of opening a business yourself one day. Ready?

  • OUCH! That grill is hot!
  • Never order 500,000 wax lips. I don’t care how cheap they are. (I’m wearing a pair as we speak.)
  • No matter how many different mascots you buy, they’ll all be too hot for any human to ever wear and they’ll get dirty just by looking at them.
  • If one of the biggest earthquakes in a century occurs, people will continue eating.
  • If one of the biggest hurricanes in a century occurs, people will stop eating. (You people make disaster planning very difficult.)
  • If you put up a banner that says, “Under Same Management!” everyone will ask you why you’re changing management.
  • If you have a focus group, no one will focus; they’ll just talk about their pets
  • If you talk to the produce delivery guy, he will think you like him.
  • Unless she’s actually giving birth on the restaurant floor, never assume a customer’s pregnant. And even then be careful—it might be a stunt baby.

So there you have it folks—valuable insights that I think we can all agree can be applied to any business. And I’ve got plenty more where those came from, so just ask.

Don’t forget! Necco Wafers are a horrible, dusty candy that no kid likes. (You have no idea how much I like to rile up the pro-Necco Wafer crowd evey year at this time.)

On that note, I hope you have a safe and Necco Wafer-free Halloween!