That’s right – Wednesday, November 4th we’re celebrating my favorite Cal Tort promotion: Pop Tart Day! We’re giving all of our customers a free Pop Tart with any purchase. It’s a really fun day and I expect to see you all here—every last one of you. There’s just one rule: You must eat (and enjoy) the Pop Tart flavor you’re given—no licking it and returning it.
Wait! There’s one more very important Pop Tart rule: According to the box you must remove the wrapper before toasting it. This is key. (Similar helpful company instructions: “Put stamp here” instead of in the middle of the envelope like you usually do and “Remove child before putting travel crib away.” Because you need to be reminded not to fold up your baby and put it in the closet.)
On that note, we’ll see you at California Tortilla for a Pop Tart extravaganza!


Because we can’t begin to express our gratitude in words, California Tortilla is giving a free taco to all military personnel on Veteran’s Day, Wednesday, November 11. Just show us your military ID when you order and we’ll give you a free taco—and a heartfelt thank you for your service and sacrifice!


Later this month we’re introducing a “Box Lunch” catering option for groups of 10 or more and we’re very excited about it. Each box lunch comes with a delicious Burrito or Two Tacos, Chips & Fresh Salsa and Dessert. You can eat it at a meeting, you can eat it on a bus, you can eat it in the air – you can eat it anywhere! (Because you don’t know where you can eat a box lunch.)
Details to follow.


I’ve noticed that many of the presidential candidates are polling at less than 1%. Well, I’m pretty sure I’m polling at less than 1% as well, so I’ve decided to join the next presidential debates. I will be representing the anti-Necco Wafer, anti-childhood and pro-monkey members of my party. Wish me luck!

On that note, we hope you have a wonderful monkey-filled Thanksgiving!