Hi there Cal Torters –
There’s lots of good stuff in this month’s Taco Talk. Plus, if you ever wondered what it would be like to read Taco Talk to the very end, this is the time to do it. You’ll soon see why. She says mysteriously.

Pam aka Queen of Burritos


Did you know that 81% of people will give a gift card this holiday season? Don’t you want to be like everyone else? Of course you do! (Why else do you think everyone pretends to like pumpkin?)

So here’s the scoop: If you buy a Cal Tort gift card for $25 or more between now and December 31st, we’ll give you a coupon for a FREE entrée that can be redeemed anytime in January. This is truly the best gift card deal going. Just ask a cashier for one the next time you’re in. Or click here to buy one online.

*One coupon per $25 in gift cards purchased. Coupons can only be redeemed one at a time. Coupons cannot not be exchanged for a Cal Tort pony. (1. Because they’re not an entrée and 2. Because they don’t exist.)

Use your Burrito Elito card at any Cal Tort from December 14-20th and you may be the on-the-spot winner of a bottle of California Screamin’ – our delicious house hot sauce. If all goes well, you’ll be one of the thousands of customers doing the “I’m a winner and you’re not!” hot sauce dance at the register that week. (Okay, maybe that’s just me.)

California Tortilla would feel very lucky if you let us cater your next holiday party. Oh wait – this should be about you. I always forget. So here’s why you’ll feel lucky if we cater your next event: There will be plenty of food, it will be delicious, it will be inexpensive and it will be really easy. PLUS, we just launched individual lunch/dinner boxes! C’mon! Tell me those aren’t some great reasons to try our catering. Click here for all of our fabulous catering options.

Check out the catering email I just got from JK (who I swear is a real person):
“Awesome job by you and your staff yet again. It’s always so easy and everything is always perfect. We definitely will be doing it a few times again this year!”

*Note that JK will be ordering from us several times. We would like you to follow his lead.

This is my last Taco Talk. (You’d think it would have been funnier, wouldn’t you?) I’ve loved writing it with all my heart, but as mentioned in my last Taco Talk, I’ve got to make some time to work on my presidential campaign — things are not going nearly as well as I thought they would.

Seriously, after 20 years of writing about burritos, it’s time for me to take a break for a while. You have no idea how much I appreciate that you’ve let me interrupt your lives for a few minutes at the beginning of every month for the past 20 years. You have been the most amazing, funny and kind audience. To say that I’m the one who feels lucky is an understatement.

And since I’m writing this before Thanksgiving, I think it’s the perfect time to say my thank you’s, in no particular order:

  • Thank you to all the people who send me the first email after Taco Talk goes out every month. It means at least one person opened it. Woo-hoo!
  • Thank you to anyone who’s been reading it since 1995. You hold a special, special place in my heart.
  • Thank you to the group of elderly women whom I see every single month at the secret place where I write Taco Talk. You always make me laugh. (Mostly because they’re always talking about one of their friends dying, and they’re clearly more concerned with the size of the funeral than with the fact that their friend has died.)
  • Thank you to anyone who has ever replied to Taco Talk by accident, thinking that they had hit “forward.” They usually meant to forward it to their spouse (a surprising number of whom they call Boo Boo) with a note about what a nut I am. Do you have any idea how much I love replying to those emails?
  • Thank you to my sons Jack and Ryan. Because while you don’t know it now, you’re going to be horrified years from now by what I wrote about you in Taco Talk. (Ryan is still upset that we’re considering sending him to private school, not pirate school.)
  • Thank you to anyone has ever taken the time to tell me how much you like Taco Talk. You have no idea what that has meant to me over the years. It has kept me going.

Really, thank you to all of you! Writing Taco Talk has been fun beyond my wildest dreams and I want to give you all a big ol’ bear hug for letting me do it– and for being so darn funny in your responses to it. And please don’t worry, you’ll still be getting all of the juicy Cal Tort scoop from us every month. It’ll just be in a different, just as fun way.

Also, please know that even though I’ve stopped writing Taco Talk, I’m not going anywhere – you can always still email me at pfelix@californiatortilla.com. I’d love to hear from you.

On that note, thank you so much for a wonderful 20 years (even you Necco Wafer lovers). I’ve loved every minute!

Happy Holidays from the gang at Cal Tort!

Xoxo for the last time,