Hi there Cal Tort Secret Club Member (I keep forgetting to call you by your proper name) –

Enjoy your June scoop!


Pam (aka Queen of Burritos)

P.S. We are excited to announce a new location in the Cal Tort family! We will be celebrating the grand opening of our Ranson, WV store on Thursday, June 5th.  Join us in Ranson for FREE burritos from 11:00 am – 1:30 pm and from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm.


To celebrate that June is Avocado Month (who knew?), on Wednesday, June 18th, we’re giving an order of FREE Chips and Guacamole to anyone who makes a purchase. And believe me people, if you haven’t tried our guacamole, it’s absolutely delicious; it’s my single favorite food on the planet. It’s made with Fresh California avocados and it’s hand smashed (not actually with hands but the hands are holding the smasher thingy). It’s SO good. So come on in on June 18th, for some delicious, nutritious guac. It’s the avocado event of the season!


  • In 2013 California Tortilla went through almost 1 million avocados.
  •  In 1995 we went through 6. (Which was good, because when we first opened it took me 3 hours to make a side of guac. I didn’t realize you were supposed to cut the avocados in half, not peel them.)
  • 43% of all U.S. households buy avocados.
  •  57% of all U.S. households didn’t get the memo about not peeling the avocados and gave up.
  • According to an avocado website, avocados won’t ripen on the tree. They must be picked first to initiate ripening. And then you must sit on them. (Some things I say just to see if you’re still reading.)


It’s the last month for the Flamin’ Gator Burrito—the Gator Burrito that’s made with chicken and the popular J.T. Pappy’s Gator hot sauce NOT gator meat. (One should make these things clear from the get go, it turns out.) It’s a fabulous burrito and even the people who were expecting gator meat are loving it.


You have no idea. At least according to last month’s contest results you don’t. We have NINE chef-inspired burritos and out of the hundreds of submissions we got, not one person guessed it right. How is that even possible? Do you think that all the people who order this burrito have taken a secret oath not to enter contests?

So we’re giving you another shot: Email your guess for our most ordered Chef Inspired Burrito to contests@930club.com and if you’re right, you could win 2 tickets to Brad Paisley on June 12th at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Entries must be received by Monday, June 9th. GO.


The other day we were at the dinner table and my son Jack, who’s 8, started talking about one of his friends whose parents were divorced. At that point I figured this was a good time to break the news that his father’s divorced. This is the actual conversation we had:

Me:    Honey, you don’t know this, but a long, long time ago Daddy had another wife.

Jack:  He did? Was it Beyonce?

Me:    Yes. Daddy left Beyonce for Mommy.

And I left it at that. Was that wrong?

On that note, I’d like to wish my, and all the Beyonce-less fathers out there, a very Happy Father’s Day!