WE ARE #1! WE ARE #1!

That’s right—Washingtonian Magazine readers voted California Tortilla “Best Burrito” in the DC area. How exciting is that? It’s always a hotly contested category and we’re thrilled to be #1. But I would be an ungracious winner if I didn’t congratulate the second and third place winners, so congratulations you guys! (No, of course I’m not going to name them—I’m much too petty for that. The only reason I said it was to emphasize that we’re #1 and they’re not.)

Seriously, we’re absolutely ecstatic and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate you taking the time to vote for us. So with that said…


To thank you for helping us make our dream come true, we’re making Wednesday, July 22nd your special day. I’m going to send you an email the day before with your very own secret password in it. (Why, what a perfect time to go to our website and sign up on our email list!) If you buy a burrito and say that secret password to the spunky cashier, preferably in a conspiratorial tone, he or she will give you a free burrito coupon that can be used right then or later.

So treat a friend to DC’s #1 burrito or treat yourself to one, just take a big bow on July 22nd—we couldn’t have done it without you. Well, we could have, but we’d need A LOT of computers. Apparently you can’t vote more than once on a computer. (This just in.)


Parents Magazine has just named California Tortilla one of the top healthiest restaurants for kids’ meals. Do you have any idea how many restaurants there are out there? That’s a lot of competition that we beat. (Do you get the idea I’m competitive by any chance?)
And for those of you who haven’t read Parents Magazine, you should, even if you don’t have kids. Because once in a while they’ve clearly run out of things to say so one of their helpful tips will be something like “Busy Mom Alert: Don’t forget to comb your hair before going out in public.” Really?


Because we’re so darn excited about winning Best Burrito (have I mentioned that?), we need help coming up with a catchy radio ad that lets all the world know. So with that said, if we use your ad for our radio campaign, this is what you’ll win:

  • 1st Place Winner: $1000 and Free Burritos For a Year
  • 2nd Place Winner: $500 and Free Burritos For a Year
  • 3rd Place Winner: $250 and Free Burritos For a Year

Here’s what we’re looking for: An ad that tells everyone why we won. Was it our fabulous fresh salsa? Our grilled white meat chicken breasts? Our explosion of flavors? Our amazing hot sauce collection? Our wide array of pony choices? Just send a 15 or 30 second recording or script to our darn spunky Director of Marketing, Stacey, at skane@californiatortilla.com by July 7th. You just may be a winner! See our website for details.


Over the next few months, the California Tortilla spunky promo team is going to make secret visits to California Tortillas across the land. They’ll spunkily give out coupons, tshirts and other Cal Tort tchotchkes. (Plus they’ll also be giving a seminar on the 42 different ways to spell “tchotchkes.”) How fun is that?

To find out about these secret days, just read your emails from me (another reason to sign up to be on our email list!) or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. And if you take a picture with someone from the team, you could end up on our Web site. (With full permission of course. Our spunky franchise lawyer will yell at me if I don’t say that.)

It’s your last chance to get the fabulous Teriyaki Chicken Burrito!
This time I really mean it. Hurry!

Have a safe and happy 4th!

For franchising info go to our new franchising page.
To email me, Queen of Burritos: pfelix@californiatortilla.com