In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, on Friday, March 15th, California Tortilla will be offering a FREE order of green Chips and Queso with any purchase! Just say the password “LUCKY.” (And no, the queso won’t be green – just the chips. We can only take the holiday theme so far before it backfires.)

See you on the 15th for some delicious queso and green chips…


We still have the Bacon Chicken Club Burrito on our menu. It’s so good.


In this age of Twitter, everyone only has time to read the briefest of snippets. So, I thought it might take some of the pressure off if I made this month’s Taco Talk list all about numbers instead of words. So with that in mind, here’s…

 Cal Tort By the Numbers

1: Number of Oscar winners who’ve used a California Tortilla bathroom. (Who knew Nicole Kidman used a bathroom?)

75: Number of different hot sauce choices on our Wall of Flame.

2: Number of hot sauce choices the Wall of Flame started out with when we first opened – and I thought that was too many. (Apparently I’m not the visionary that I think I am.)

4397: Number of people who’ve said they were there on the opening day of the very first California Tortilla in Bethesda.

6: Number of people who were actually there on opening day.

22: The average weight of a Cal Tort burrito in ounces.

7: The average weight of a monkey’s head in ounces.

3,297,000: Approximate number of wax lips, Pop Tarts, whoopee cushions, shark fin hats, spatulas, and “Everyone’s a winner when you brush after your burrito” toothbrushes that we’ve given away since 1995.

0: Approximate number of normal prizes we’ve given away since 1995.

176,000: Number of people who receive Taco Talk.

176,000: Number of people who’d like to opt out of receiving Taco Talk but are too lazy to actually do it. (Do you like how I’m calling you lazy? No wonder you want to opt out.)

See—wasn’t that quick? Next month’s list will be made up entirely of pictures of teeny cupcakes.


Last month, after writing a list of observed gender differences, I asked customers for stories about their significant others. And while I got some very funny stories, my favorite was from a woman named Susan:

Susan said that her car had a million dents in it because she’s always backing into things. She suggested to her husband that she get a new car with back-up cameras. Her husband said, “Good idea…so you can see what you’re hitting.”

 On that note, have a dent-free March! (I’m lookin’ at you, Susan)


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